The life story of Cristina Servin, Tony Ferguson's wife

The life story of Cristina Servin, Tony Ferguson's wife

Kenneth Mwenda
September 16, 2023 at 9:36 AM

Cristina Servin, Tony Ferguson's wife, is a multifaceted woman who seamlessly blends resilience and grace, serving as a steadfast pillar in her husband's high-stakes realm of MMA. As a mother and dedicated partner, Cristina Servin's life journey is a captivating story that navigates the complexities of family, love, and the competitive world of mixed martial arts.

Cristina Servin, Tony Ferguson's wife
Tony Ferguson poses for a portrait backstage with his wife Cristina Servin after his victory over Kevin Lee during the UFC 216 event inside TMobile Arena on October 7, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Mike Roach (modified by author)
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In the world of mixed martial arts, where fists and feet fly with breathtaking speed, a different kind of battle occurs behind the scenes. It is a battle where Cristina Servin, wife of former UFC Interim Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson, alias "El Cucuy," plays a crucial role. Here, we delve into her fascinating life story, which is as multifaceted as captivating.

Profile summary


Cristina Servin

Date of birth

August 15, 1991

Place of birth



32 years (as of September 2023)

Zodiac sign





5 feet 7 inches


About 56 kilograms

Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Marital status



Tony Ferguson



Social media


Net worth (Tony Ferguson)

About $3.5 million

How old is Cristina Servin?

Born on August 15, 1991, Cristina Servin's age is 32 years (as of September 2023). Her 30s arrived with promises of mature adventures, personal growth, and family milestones.

Her partner, Tony Ferguson, grapples with opponents in the ring. Equally, Cristina Servin faces her challenges with grace and tenacity, indicative of someone well beyond her years.


Cristina Servin's educational path began at Hueneme High School, where her love for history started to blossom. Intrigued by the tapestry of the past, she found herself drawn to the historical narratives that shaped our world.

Her passion for history eventually led her to the Chicago School of the Art Institute. Here, she deepened her academic pursuits and walked away with a Bachelor of Arts in Honors History.

Cristina Servin's family

Cristina Servin embodies a vibrant blend of French and Latino ethnicity, adding layers to her already fascinating persona. Her familial roots stretch back to France, where her grandparents were born before embarking on a life-altering journey to the United States in the 1950s.

Born to parents Timothy and Angelina Servin, Cristina was welcomed into a family that already had two older brothers, Benjamin and Luke. Though her early years were spent in the bustling atmosphere of New York, a significant move occurred when she was just four years old.

The Servin family relocated to Oxnard, California, where her father, Timothy, took up a position at a management firm. The move marked a new chapter in Cristina's life, giving her a fresh canvas on which to sketch her future dreams and endeavours.

When did Cristina Servin and Tony Ferguson meet?

They met in the vibrant city of Oxnard during a local event in 2009. It marked the beginning of a love story that captured the essence of passion, determination, and enduring commitment.

Is Tony Ferguson married?

For those still wondering, "Is Tony Ferguson married?" the answer is a resounding yes. He has been married to Cristina Servin since June 2012, and their journey together has been a testament to the power of love, understanding, and resilience.

The couple has a son named Armand Anthony, born on April 28, 2016. They also welcomed their second baby in mid-2021. Cristina often shares moments of their family life on her social media platforms. For her, family is a sanctuary—a refuge from the storms both she and Tony face in their respective arenas.

Tony Ferguson and Cristina Servin

 Cristina Servin's age
Tony Ferguson and his wife, Cristina Ferguson, attend the eighth annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards at The Palazzo Las Vegas on February 5, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Gabe Ginsberg
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It is no secret that "El Cucuy" holds Cristina as a significant source of motivation and support. The pair married in June 2012 and their love story could be described as enduring and intense. Tony Ferguson himself has hinted at how much Cristina means to him, showing that even fighters need a stronghold in their corner.

Their struggles, particularly in 2019 when Cristina had to file a restraining order against Tony due to severe paranoia, demonstrate their resilience. Though this chapter of their life was fraught with challenges, they resolved it privately, testifying to the depths of their commitment to each other.

Cristina Servin's physical attributes: Height, weight, and more

Cristina Servin towers at a height of 5 feet 7 inches while maintaining a body weight that hovers around 60 kg. Her measurements are a balanced 34-26-34 inches.

Her eyes are blue, and her blonde hair adds another level of allure. Cristina is fond of tattoos and often enjoys changing her hair colour for a fresh look.

Cristina Servin's Instagram

If you are one of the over 24,000 people following Cristina Servin on Instagram, you would know that she offers more than just snippets of a fighter's wife. Her Instagram feed showcases glimpses of her modelling endeavours and precious moments with her family.

The social media platform is where Cristina lets her hair down, sharing her life experiences with the public. Whether it is a family outing or a candid snapshot, her Instagram is a vibrant tapestry of her life.

Being known primarily as Tony Ferguson's wife may overshadow her individuality, but it is crucial to recognise her as a person with her own interests and career. These aspects of her life are just as integral as her role as a supportive spouse.

As the mother to their son, Armand Anthony, she navigates the complexities of motherhood with grace. But her role extends far beyond the home; she is a steadfast pillar in the ever-unpredictable realm of MMA, being Tony Ferguson's wife. Her life is a kaleidoscope of roles, each coloured with its unique shade of importance.

Cristina Servin's net worth

While much of the media spotlight is on Tony Ferguson's career, Cristina Servin's net worth remains a mystery. Despite the intrigue that surrounds this aspect of her life, what is clear is that Cristina adds immense value to the Ferguson household, far beyond any financial measure.

Tony Ferguson's net worth is estimated at a comfortable $3.5 million. Ferguson's accumulated fight purses amount to roughly $3 million, providing a significant financial cushion for him and his loved ones.

Is Tony Ferguson retired?

Cristina Servin, Tony Ferguson's wife
Tony Ferguson during the UFC 249 press conference at T-Mobile Arena on March 06, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Jeff Bottari
Source: Getty Images

As Tony faces a challenging phase in his career, questions like "Is Tony Ferguson retired?" have started to make rounds. While the MMA fighter is currently on a losing streak, he has no intention of hanging up the gloves soon. Both he and Cristina have shown time and again that they can bounce back from adversity.

Cristina Servin is more than just Tony Ferguson's wife; she is a strong, independent woman with her dreams and challenges. As they continue to navigate the highs and lows of life, one thing remains certain: Cristina Servin is the unsung hero in Tony Ferguson's extraordinary journey.

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