Celebration as Top Tennis Star Released from Detention in Australia

Celebration as Top Tennis Star Released from Detention in Australia

Chukwu Ikechukwu
  • Novak Djokovic has been freed from immigration detention in Australia after a judge ruled that border guards were wrong to tear up his visa and try to deport him
  • The Australian government insists it is still considering whether to deport Djokovic because he is unvaccinated
  • Djokovic is now free to compete at the Australian Open in his bid to become the most-decorated in men's singles

20-time Grand Slam Champion Novak Djukovic is now free to enter Australia and stands a good chance to play at this month’s Aussie Open after he was released from detention earlier on Monday January 10.

Celebration as Top Tennis Star Released from Detention in Australia
Djukovic is bidding to be the most decorated Grand Slam winner in Tennis history as he tries to win his 21st title. Photo by NurPhoto
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The Serbian had arrived in Australia to compete in the Open holding what he thought was a valid medical exemption to vaccination rules, stating that he had been infected with Covid last month and recovered.

But border guards rejected the documents and tore up his visa, with the multiple Grand Slam winner thrown into detention while he waited for his appeal to come before the courts.

The Daily Mail Reports Judge Anthony Kelly in a hearing that took place earlier on Monday Januray 10, dramatically quashed the decision to revoke Djukovic’s visa after ruling that border guards had been 'unreasonable' and had not given the Serb enough time to appeal.

Australian rules say that people have to be jabbed in order to work, but there are exceptions with medical exemption, with Djokovic refusing to reveal his vaccine status but reporting news of a positive test.

The Daily Star Reports supporters of Djokovic danced and cheered following the verdict, although it is not yet certain if he will be able to compete in the Australian Open yet, a tournament he has was won a record nine occasions.

The Australian Open is set to begin on Monday January 17 with Djukovic bidding to be the most decorated player in Tennis Grand Slam history as the Serb is currently tied on 20 Grand Slam.titles with Swiss Roger Federer and Spaniard Rafael Nadal.

Novak Djokovic Denied Visa: World Number 1 Could Be Deported but Fans Protest on Tennis Star's Behalf

Earlier Sportsbrief had reported World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic could be deported from Australia today after his visa was cancelled.

Djokovic was given a 'vaccination exemption' to compete in this year's Australian Open, a move that didn't go down well with many Australians.

Following the backlash received over the decision to give him an exemption, Djokovic then had his visa revoked by the Australian government when he arrived in Melbourne. Djokovic's lawyers are expected to appeal the decision.