Springbok Props Ox Nche and Beast Mtawarira Show Sensitive Sides by Inspiring Bullied Young Rugby Player

Springbok Props Ox Nche and Beast Mtawarira Show Sensitive Sides by Inspiring Bullied Young Rugby Player

Keba Mothoagae
January 25, 2022 at 2:29 PM
  • Retshegofaditswe "Ox" Nche and Tendai "Beast" Mtawarira came in clutch during an hour of need for young rugby player Alfie Pugsley
  • According to his father, Mark, Alfie was the target of needless online bullying about his weight, as explained with a photo shared on Facebook
  • Ox and Beast went onto Twitter to cheer the father-and-son duo up, reminding them that rugby is for everyone to enjoy

Retired Springbok prop Tendai "Beast" Mtawarira and current Bok starter Retshegofaditswe "Ox" Nche pulled through in a time of need to show a softer side to their tough exteriors.

Mtawarira and Nche went on social media to cheer up a young Welsh rugby player who had been the subject of bullying over his appearance.

Springbok Props Ox Nche And Beast Mtawarira Show Sensitive Side, Stand Up For Bullied Young Player
Alfie Pugsley, Beast Mtawarira (top) and Ox Nche (bottom). Image source: @pugsley, Huffington Post and Dan Mullan/Twitter & Instagram
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Twitter user Mark Pugsley (@puggsley) shared a tweet in which he stated how he his 12-year-old son Alfie's weight was mocked in a photo in which he was playing a rugby match for his local club.

He then removed the photo from Facebook where he'd posted it, prompting him to tweet:

"Had to remove a post from Facebook as an idiot commented saying my boy is too "big" to play under 12s and isn't healthy. If only people knew how hard he works to get fitter and how low his confidence has been. Don't worry, Alfie. I'll always be your biggest fan."

The defiant dad's tweet moved both players to cheer him and Alfie up.

Mtawarira tweeted:

"Big fella, you have my support. I walked this road too once upon a time when people silently bullied me about my size and questioned whether I was the correct age for my age group. Keep your head high and never let the haters get to you. The game of rugby is for all".

Nche shared:

"Hi Alfie ! Happy to see you take part in the beautiful game of rugby! Keep showing up for your games and for yourself ! There are no limits to what you can or can't do ! The #OxKraal along with the thousands of responses below back you and that's the true spirit of rugby!"

Springbok prop Ox Nche scores massive win off the pitch as Mzansi celebrates his degree

While he might frighten his opponents on the pitch and be the all-round good guy off it, Ox Nche also showed that education is key to success.

Nche posted photos of his graduation on his Twitter account with family, celebrating receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Statistics from the University of the Free State.

As reported on Sports Brief, he made his breakthrough in rugby after being spotted for his bullocking displays for the university Varsity Cup side, the Shimlas.

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