Top 12 best female skateboarders in the world currently

Top 12 best female skateboarders in the world currently

Helix Odhiambo
January 17, 2023 at 1:40 PM

Patti McGee is one of the famous female skateboarders and the first-ever woman to turn professional. Today, many women pursue the sport as a career.

Famous female skateboarders
Sakura Yosozumi of Team Japan competes in the Women's Skateboarding Park Final in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Ariake Urban Sports Park on 4 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: The Asahi Shimbun
Source: Getty Images

Besides being a sport, some people also perform skateboarding tricks and artistic expressions as entertainment and business. It is also used as a mode of transport by other people. This article lists some of the best female skateboarders in 2023 and of all time.

Who are the best female skateboarders of all time?

Very few women are privileged to rank among the top female skateboarders because of their remarkable achievements in the sport. Most of them started when they were young and nurtured their talents before conquering the world. Below are details of the 12 successful women who excelled in the skateboarding industry.

12. Sky Brown

Best female skateboarders in 2023
Sky Brown of Team Great Britain competes in the Women's Skateboarding Park Preliminaries on day twelve of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on 4 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: The Asahi Shimbun
Source: Getty Images

Brown is the youngest female skateboarder on our list and one of the best in 2023. She was born on 7 July 2008 in Miyazaki, Japan. Despite her young age, she is highly ranked among the best British female skateboarders. Brown is the youngest person to compete in the Vans US Open. She also won bronze in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, becoming the youngest British to win an Olympic medal.

11. Patti McGee

McGee was one of the original pioneers of skateboarding in the 1960s. She achieved significant milestones, including becoming the first female skateboarder to win the National Skateboarding Championship. McGee also became the first female skateboarder to get a cover of a skateboarding magazine in 1965. Besides, she was the first female pro to be inducted into the Skateboard Hall Of Fame.

10. Rayssa Leal

Olympic female skateboarders
Rayssa Leal of Brazil celebrates with the trophy after winning the 2022 SLS Super Crown World Championship at Carioca Arena on 6 November 2022 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Phot0: Buda Mendes
Source: Getty Images

Rayssa gained massive popularity in the sport when she competed in the Olympics at 13, becoming one of the youngest Olympic female skateboarders. The famous Brazilian athlete is also the youngest Olympic medalist in 85 years.

9. Cara-Beth Burnside

Cara-Berth Burnside was famous in the sport during the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. She was featured in several publications and secured lucrative sponsorship deals. She won 16 titles during her career and the Female Vert Skater of the year award in 2004. The legendary athlete was also part of the first US female skateboarders Olympics team in the 1998 winter games in Nagano, Japan.

8. Momiji Nishiya

Best female skateboarders
Momiji Nishiya of Japan competes during the Women's Street Final at the Dew Tour on 30 July 2022 in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo: Tim Nwachukwu
Source: Getty Images

The Japanese athlete won an Olympic gold medal at a young age (13), becoming the first female to win the award for street skateboarding. In 2019, Nishiya bagged a silver medal at the X Games before claiming silver in the Street Skateboarding World Championships in 2021.

7. Peggy Oki

Peggy is one of the first and only female skaters to join the famous boys' team, Z-Boys and compete with the Zephyr skate team in the 1970s. She was honoured as a "Local Hero 2010" by the Santa Barbara Independent and inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame in 2012.

6. Lizzie Armanto

Best female skateboarders of all time
Lizzie Armanto of Finland looks on during the Women's Park Semifinal at the Dew Tour on 21 May 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa. Photo: Sean M. Haffey
Source: Getty Images

Armanto is known for participating in vert skateboarding instead of street skateboarding. In 2013, she won a gold medal in the X Games Women's Park contest before bagging the Van Doren International in 2014.

5. Sakura Yosozumi

Yosozumi won an Olympic gold medal in skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. She is an iconic figure in the sport and has inspired the young generations. The Japanese started skating in 2013 and only took three years to enter the global stage in the World Cup.

4. Alexis Sablone

US female skateboarders Olympics
USA's Alexis Sablone reacts after missing her last trick during the women's street final of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Ariake Sports Park in Tokyo on 26 July 2021. (Photo by Lionel Bonaventure
Source: Getty Images

The veteran athlete has seven X Games medals, including three gold medals. Alexis turned pro for WKND Skateboards in 2017 and finished 4th in the Tokyo Olympics for Women's Street. She also released a pro model shoe for Converse and another in 2021.

3. Nora Vasconcellos

Nora turned pro in 2017 for Welcome Skateboards and Adidas and has won several contests. She finished first in the Vans Park Series World Championships. Vasconcellos is arguably among the hottest female skateboarders in 2023.

2. Aori Nishimura

Hottest female skateboarders
Aori Nishimura of Japan at the Women's Street Final during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at the Ariake Sports Park Skateboarding on 26 July 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Ronald Hoogendoorn
Source: Getty Images

The Japanese began her career in 2008, aged seven. She is the first Japanese to win a gold medal at the X Games after winning the competition in 2017 in Minneapolis. Nishimura also won the 2017 Japanese Skateboarding Championship. She also has a silver medal in the X Games and a World Skateboarding Championship title she won in 2019.

1. Mariah Duran

Best female skateboarders of all time
Mariah Duran of Team United States competes during the Women's Street Prelims at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Ariake Urban Sports Park on 26 July 2021 in Japan. Photo: Patrick
Source: Getty Images

Duran rides for Meow skateboards and Adidas. She is one of the highly-ranked athletes in the sport. The American grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she developed an interest in the sport. Mariah won a gold medal at the X Games. Her talent and skills have earned her many followers globally.

Black female skateboarders

Ajani Russell, Melissa Williams, and Moonbear are famous black female athletes who excelled in the sport. The three have changed the narrative and perception of black women in skateboarding. As a result, they have opened up opportunities for more ambitious black athletes to pursue their dreams in the game.

Other famous athletes

Apart from the above names, other famous star women include the six-time X Games gold medalist and Brazilian icon Letícia Bufoni. Leticia Bufoni, Elissa Steamer, and Poppy Starr Olsen, one of the top Australian female skateboarders, also deserve mention. Annie Gugliaand, one of the most successful Canadian female skateboarders in history, has also shown immense talent in her career.

Making it into the list of best female skateboarders is an immense achievement and a recognition of talent. Through their efforts, the sport has opened up to many women. Therefore, the future of female skateboarding is secure, with many rising youngsters emerging.

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