Ranking the 15 most expensive sports in the world right now

Ranking the 15 most expensive sports in the world right now

Babu Tendu
August 21, 2022 at 7:46 PM

The world of games is one of the biggest sources of revenue in the universe today. In this world of sports and games, some are deemed very dangerous or delicate and hence very costly to play. Some of the most expensive sports are only participated by the richest or most talented due to the nature of the various games.

Most expensive sports in the world
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The game is amazing, and for the most part, getting started or participating in sport is inexpensive. Going pro though, is another story as some games can be extremely costly to participate in.

What is the most expensive sport?

According to many publications and blog posts, there are many costly games to partake in. This list will only focus on the 15 most expensive sports in the world right now.

15. Tennis

Tennis has traditionally been seen as a costly sport. In recent decades, the sport has shed its country club reputation as a sport for the wealthy. However, it remains a sport that those with low financial resources struggle to keep up with consistently.

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Most expensive sports for kids
Harri Heliovaara returns a shot to Tommy Paul and Frances Tiafoe while playing with Lloyd Glasspool at Lindner Family Tennis Center on August 16, 2022, in Mason, Ohio. Photo by Matthew Stockman.
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Tennis players incur expenses due to the various equipment types, such as racquets, shoes, balls, strings, and tennis court fees. All these make it one of the most expensive sports franchises.

14. Fencing

At the competitive level, fencing is a costly game. While the prices for a beginner are reasonable at first, they quickly grow as your fencer progresses to competitive fencing.

Fencing can cost as little as $2500 per year for a non-competitive fencer and $20,000 for a globally competitive fencer. Yet, it is one of the most expensive sports to play.

13. American football

The game necessitates a large amount of protective gear. The typical cost of outfitting a youth football player is roughly $558, with the majority of money going toward a helmet (around $200, but up to $350) and shoulder pads ($200).

12. Ice hockey

Hockey is a relatively costly phenomenon, with the first set of excellent equipment costing roughly $1,000 and lasting many years. The second most costly item is ice time and instruction, followed by travel and league fees.

Most expensive sports trophy
Oskar Olausson races for the puck against Yannick Proske of Germany in the IIHF World Junior Championship on August 15, 2022, at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Photo by Andy Devlin.
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11. Lacrosse

On average, a set of lax gear costs $565, with the helmet being the most expensive piece of equipment at $200. It is, therefore, one of the most expensive sports for kids.

Most expensive sports leagues
Kevin Somerville of Ireland is tackled by Jakub Adamiec of Czech Republic during the 2022 World Lacrosse Men's U21 World Championship at the University of Limerick in Limerick. Photo By Tom Beary.
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10. Sailing

If one wants to compete in tournaments like the Vice Admiral's Cup and the Emirates America's Cup World Series, they can spend up to $20,000 on a sailing vessel deposit and $1000 on monthly charges. These sailing tournaments usually last a few months, and the boat is stored for the remainder of the year.

People spend most of their money when the boat is being kept since it is vital to ensure that once the boat is on dry land, it is ready to return to the sea. The boat's maintenance becomes prohibitively expensive over time.

9. Ski jumping

Ski jumping is a Winter Olympics sport that everyone enjoys watching. The classic game's underdog story "Eddie The Eagle" popularized the phenomenon even among non-sport lovers.

Ski jumping does not appear to be among the costliest games at first look. But this is the most expensive style of skiing. Equipment can cost up to $3000, which is minimal compared to a skeleton or bobsleigh.

8. Polo

Polo, like equestrian, necessitates the acquisition of an elite horse and maintenance, training, and travel expenses. Polo ponies must be exercised regularly, which normally necessitates two grooms at a monthly cost of $2500.

Most expensive sports franchises
Players of team Los Nocheros (black jerseys) and team Novacura (blue jerseys) are seen in action during the Polopicknick 2022 on July 30, 2022, in Muenster, Germany. Photo by Lars Baron.
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Tournaments can range in price from $3,500 to $150,000. Patronizing and sponsoring polo teams in tournaments can cost between $300,000 and $1,000,000. In addition, Polo has a high probability of injury. Thus individuals planning to participate should expect to incur significant medical costs.

7. Pentathlon

Participating in a sport at the highest level can be an expensive proposition. Depending on the game, the costs for equipment and training can be high. For example, if you want to participate in the Pentathlon, you should be ready to spend money on not one but five games.

These sports include fencing, swimming, jumping, pistol shooting, and running. The sport uses one of the most expensive sports equipment.

6. Formula 1

Formula 1 is an adrenaline-pumping game for both participants and fans. Formula 1 ignites euphoria in all who love this phenomenon as the tyres take to the track and the sheer sound of speeding cars fills the air.

Is f1 the most expensive sport? Sadly, it is. Even the smallest teams near the rear of the field have vehicles worth around $2 million.

5. Bobsledding

Bobsledding is comparable to F1 because it requires corporate support for those who want to compete. The bobsleds alone can cost up to $100,000, and training in the game is prohibitively expensive. There are also very few bobsled runs worldwide, so travel and lodging are important considerations. As a result, it is one of the most expensive Olympic sports.

Expensive sports to play
Hunter Church, Joshua Williamson, Kristopher Horn and Charlie Volker of Team US break during the four-man Bobsleigh on February 20, 2022, in Yanqing, China. Photo by Julian Finney.
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4. Hot air balloon racing

It is not cheap to fly one. People will have to spend a lot of money on training; becoming a pro at racing these hot air balloons can take a long time.

Aside from the cost of training, the actual hot air balloon might cost roughly $16,720. So prepare to invest considerably more if you want the best features and a better chance of being competitive.

3. Golf

Golf is a popular recreational space for millions of people. On the other hand, golf is well-known for being expensive. Whether you want to play professionally or for fun, membership fees at prominent country clubs can cost thousands.

Also consider golf equipment and caddy fees. For example, a membership at Wentworth will cost you at least $120,000, if not more. It is one of the most expensive sports leagues.

2. Equestrian

Equestrian is focused on the ability to ride, drive, steeplechase, or vault with horses. Riding a horse is something that many children wish to do. Equestrian sports, on the other hand, are only available to a select few.

The expenditures of training and keeping a horse for events in equestrian can be exorbitant, including travelling to tournaments and adequately stabling the animal. Exhibiting a horse on the international circuit might cost more than $200,000 annually.

1. Whitianga Festival of Sports

The Whitianga Festival of Sports is an annual event held in New Zealand that is unquestionably the most costly sport in the world. It may appear bizarre to those who have never heard of it, but it involves racing helicopters, vehicles, powerboats, jet skis, and parachute swooping.

With all of this hefty equipment, it is easy to see why this is the most expensive sport in the world. Buying and maintaining these jet skis, vehicles, and helicopters is prohibitively expensive. After the games, there is arguably the most expensive sports trophy.

The most expensive sports are the ones which require the most delicate and special equipment for the game to be carried out. Some of these sports are the Formula One and the Whitianga Festival of Sports.

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