A list of funny Fantasy Football League names: Which is the most hilarious name on the list?

A list of funny Fantasy Football League names: Which is the most hilarious name on the list?

Lenah Ann
June 9, 2023 at 11:50 AM

Playing Fantasy Football is all fun and games, especially when using hilarious league names. This often calms the heat that often comes up during activity and can boost various teams' spirits. With the end of the main season and another one rapidly approaching, it is that time of year when fans are all about the common funny Fantasy Football League names.

Funny inappropriate fantasy football league names
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Choosing the best funny Fantasy Football League names is always crucial, and as a football fan, you certainly want to avoid having a similar one as anyone else in your team! In addition to coming up with your fantasy football team name, you might also be able to decide on your league's name.

Funny Fantasy Football League names

After an in-depth analysis, Sports Brief has created a funny Fantasy Football League name generator to make your next football season fun and memorable. Have a look at this article and find more information, including some of the most common and funny (sometimes inappropriate) fantasy football league names.

Funny Fantasy Football League names for family

Below is a list of the most famous Fantasy Football League names that will jog your mind this football season. Keep scrolling to find out.

100. It is getting Messi

99. Rhythm of Van Dijk

98. If at first you do not succeed, play fantasy

97. If you are not FIRST; you are LAST League

96. Fantasy League of Advanced Sports Historians (FLASH)

95. Fantasy League of Below-Average Gentlemen

94. There can only be one

Funny fantasy football league names generator
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93. Bragging Rights League

92. The Unusual Suspects

91. Lombardi's Tudor League

90. No Fun Games

89. Women Rule the World

88. Lombardi would be Proud

87. The Ultimate Fantasy Football Champions

86. 10 Geniuses and 2 Idiots

85. Last Line Defenders

84. Defending Champions

83. E-lemon-ator League

81. Road to Glory

80. Batshuayi Crazy

79. Country Road, Take Mahomes

78. It is Always Darkest Before Deshaun

76. Here is My Number, So Call Me Brady

75. Daniel Jones Locker

74. Junior Bacon Roethlisberger

73. Punt Intended

72. Boys Gettin Ziggy Wit It

71. Fresh Prince of Helaire

70. My Kupp Runneth Over

69. Lights, Kamara, Action

68. Davante’s Inferno

67. Aaron, Your Dirty Laundry

66. Deshaun of the Dead

65. Golden Tate Warriors

64. Chronic Gronkitis

63. Alvin and The Ship-Munks

Best funny fantasy football league names
Myles Gaskin (37) and Christian Wilkins (94) of the Miami Dolphins celebrate Gaskin's first quarter rushing touchdown against the Houston Texans at Hard Rock Stadium on 7 November 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Photo: Michael Reaves
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62. Make America Gronk Again

61. The Real Slim Brady

60. Here Come the Brady Bunch

59. More Tom For Your Buck

58. Low Fat Half Caf Ochocinco

57. Carry on my Hayward Son

56. I am All Gone Shane Long

55. Dirty Soccer Boot

54. Our Own

53. The Motley Crew

52. The Madden Curse

51. Coast to Coast

50. Show me the Money

49. Gridiron Greats

48. Goodfellas and Bad Girls

47. Darwin's Theory

46. The Dirty Dozen

45. The Motley Crew

44. The Unusual Suspects

43. Our Boss Thinks We Are Working

42. Smackmouth Smackdown

41. Bruised Soldiers

40. Murder on Zidane's floor

39. Fam Bam

38. Real So So Bad

Funny fantasy football league names generator
Philadelphia Eagles fans celebrate after a 13-yard touchdown by running back Kenneth Gainwell against the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on 24 October 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Ethan Miller
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37. More Tom For Your Buck

36. 80% Mental, 40% Physical, 30% Luck

35. Wham! Bam! Thank you, Cam!

34. Bend it Like Beckham Jr.

33. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles

32. It is Always Runny in Philadelphia

31. Dungy and Dragons

30. How I Metcalf Your Mother

29. How I Metcalf Your Mother

28. The Mixon Administration

27. Vaughn With the Wind

26. Chuba, Chuba, Chuba, Chuba, BATEMAN!

25. Moore Money Moore Problems

24. 100 Yards to Gryffindor

23. Carole Baskin Dobbins

22. Krispy Kareem Donuts

21. It is Von Like Gronkey Kong

20. Help Me, Obi-Saquon-obi

19. Baby Chark, DooDooDoDoDooDoo

18. Too Good to Be Trubisky

17. Smack My Bilic Up

16. Victorious Secret

15. The Crime Syndicate of America

14. Victory Come Helaire or High Water

13. Meet the Flukers

12. Knockin' on Dorsey Levens Door

11. The Great Dansby

10. The Dark Side of Warren Moon

9. Champagne Super Novak

8. Attack on Tightend

7. The Hellfire Club

6. Bad JuJu Voodoo

5. King Of FantasyLand

4. The Tannehills Have Eyes

3. The Zarate Kid

2. A Statement In D Basement

1. Warrior Hammers

Television shows and Fantasy League names

The best league names are often based on the most common traits of the owners, which binds the league members. Here are some of the most common Fantasy League names based on TV shows.

10. The Best Friends Gang

9. The Council of Elders

8. Patty's Pub Fantasy Football Gang

7. The League On FX

6. The Galactic Senate

5. Cheers Tavern Football Pool

4. Pawnee City Council

3. The Masters of Coin

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

1. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

From the above list detailing some of the funny Fantasy Football League names, your upcoming Premier League season will be one of the best you have ever had. Besides, most of these names are football based and easy to use.

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