A list of the best madden players in each position right now

A list of the best madden players in each position right now

Grace Waruguru
March 14, 2023 at 3:13 AM

Video game lovers have been searching for the best Madden players to discover the latest tips and tricks of the sport. Some players have mastered different positions, while others have remained focused on one. Keep reading and find out if your favourite gamer is among the top-ranked players.

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Drini Gjoka shows off his Madden Bowl champion belt. Photo: @DriniGjoka
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Madden NFL launched in 1988 and is available on 33 platforms. The game has correctly predicted the Super Bowl winner nine times out of 12 and is the most popular NFL game. Today, various game lovers earn a living from this sport. So, who are the best Madden players?

Top 10 best Madden players

As the eSports sector grows, more individuals consider gaming a profitable career. Some have competed and won the Madden NFL Championship Series (MCS). Here is a list of the best Madden players in 2023:

10. Reginald 'Boogz' Brown

Boogz is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is one of the best Madden players, doubling up as a commentator and a caster at Muthead's Friday Night Football tournament series. In 2017, Reginald qualified for all four MCS tournaments, finishing top 10 in each.

The player has never reached the number one spot in the 11 MCS competitions, although he appeared in all. Boogz is a Madden 20 Falcons Club Champion known for his incredible defence, keeping opponents on their toes.

9. Joel Crooms Porter (JoelCP)

Crooms is one of the best Madden players online. Besides his pro skills, Joel is known for heckling players and opponents during live events. Some individuals have claimed that this is a strategy to mentally intimidate them and make them lose.

Porter comes from Washington, DC and signed with SK Gaming in 2017. In 2018, the player escaped death narrowly when a gunman stormed into a gaming event, killing two people and injuring 11 more. A fellow gamer, Casey, covered Joel and his friend, shielding them from the shooter.

8. Pavan Lakhat - Pavan

Pavan is a fast-rising gamer and one of the best Madden players 2023 has seen. He hails from Yuba, California, and made history by becoming the first player in the e-Sport history to earn four consecutive Club Championships with the same team.

The American pro gamer has made over $260,000 from tournament wins, including a Madden 19 Club Championship victory. He plays several positions well and is renowned for his passing skills. Additionally, Pavan is one of the best Madden players on YouTube, with over 9,500 subscribers.

7. Michael Spoto - Spoto

Michael is from Staten Island, New York and made history in 2017 when he became the youngest player to qualify for the Madden 18 challenge. In 2019, he finished second place at the Madden Bowl after losing 41-0 to Drini Gjoka.

However, he earned $25,000 from the contest. Spoto streams his plays on Twitch and will likely become one of the best Madden players in the world and the MCS with continued focus and consistency.

6. Trae Horne - Tweez

Tweez made an unexpected entrance to the scene in 2018 when he qualified for the 2018 Madden Classics, earning him instant fans. The Louisiana native is one best madden players at every position.

His playing style involves staying unpredictable to his opponents before making pass-defence adjustments. He is also known for stopping air-raid-style offences. The player maintains a low profile and does not have any online presence.

5. Shay Kivlen - Young Kiv

Shay was a multi-sport athlete in high school but turned to the eSport after an injury curtailed his former career. Kivlen comes from Seattle and won the Madden Bowl in 2018, his first major event.

Kiv is one of the best Madden players to trade for and has brilliant offensive air attacks, and adjusts quickly on defence. He is a member of 818 Madden, an exclusive professional Madden crew alongside others like Pavan and Boogz.

4. Raidel Brito - Joke

Raidel won the 2020 Madden Bowl and dedicated his award to the late player Taylor 'Spotme' Robertson, who died in 2019 at a Madden event. Notably, Brito did not pass the ball throughout the tournament. Instead, he ran with the ball to suffocate the defence.

Joke is a member of the XSet Madden team and has won four tournaments, as listed below, and his earnings at each.

  • 2017 Madden Championship - $35,000
  • Madden Bowl Live Finals - $5,000
  • Madden Club Championship - $5,000
  • 2017 Madden Classic - $1,750

3. Drini Gjoka - Drini

18-year-old Drini is among the youngest and best Madden players to draft for any position, as he is skilled in offensive and defensive play. He hails from Washington, D.C and was the youngest player to win a championship event, the Madden Challenge, in 2018.

In 2019, Drini won the Madden Bowl. The two wins earned him $45,000. He wears a distinct red bandana at all games and is signed with the Complexity eSport team.

2. Jacob Wallack - JWall

Jacob is from Rhodes, Island, and is one of the best Madden players of all time. His skill in the game has earned him over $150,000 throughout his career.

One of his notable victories is against Pavan Lakhat at the Madden 21 Club Championship. He was representing the Lions, who have not won any championship since 1957. He is part of the TNC Madden Crew. Other achievements under the gamer's cap include:

  • Madden 21 Club Championship
  • Madden 21 LevelNext Collegiate Tournament
  • Muthead League Season 8
  • Friday Night Football Champion

1. Eric Wright - Problem

Wright, popularly known as Problem, is undoubtedly one of the best Madden players of all time. He has been a game fan since 1993 and started competing in 2005. So far, Eric has made over $390,000 from the sport. He has won over 16 tournaments, including all Majors in 2008, ranking him highly.

Eric is known for his defensive prowess and is part of the Luminosity Gaming eSports team. He runs Top Madden, a company providing playbook insights and coaching with a subscription option. He is also a popular Twitch streamer.

Who has the highest Madden rating ever?

Jerry Rice holds 33 Super Bowl receptions, 589 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 22 touchdown receptions. When Madden 1998 launched, the player earned a 189 rating for the San Francisco 49ers in 1987. Two other players received a 100 rating, Deion Sanders and Barry Sanders, in 1999.

The best Madden players are making impressive amounts of money from the sport. Gamers will stay entertained by these pro players as they learn about the sport.

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