Draymond Green Compares Denver’s Nikola Jokic to Stephen Curry

Draymond Green Compares Denver’s Nikola Jokic to Stephen Curry

Edwin Kiplagat
June 4, 2023 at 8:12 AM
  • Nikola Jokic is having an incredible postseason
  • The Denver Nuggets superstar is averaging a triple-double in the playoffs and had a great Gam1 in the NBA Finals
  • Draymond Green has said Jokic and his Golden State Warriors teammate are the hardest to guard in zone

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green has lauded Denver Nuggets superstar Nikola Jokic, saying he is one of the hardest players to guard in a zone defense. He said the two-time MVP and his teammate Stephen Curry are hard to guard in a zone.

Jokic was flawless in Game 1 of the 2023 NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, where he finished with a triple-double.

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Curry and Jokic have each won two MVP awards. Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE.
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The Serbian big man finished the game with 27 points, 10 boards, and 14 assists. He now has 15 career triple-doubles in the playoffs, behind only Magic Johnson and LeBron James, per the Athletic. He wasn't perfect in Game 1, but he was able to influence the game with his versatility. He has given teams many problems in the playoffs.

He is on a historic run in the playoffs and could cap it off with his first-ever NBA title. He has received praise from neutral fans throughout the postseason. In 16 playoff games, he's averaging 29.8 points, 13.1 rebounds, and 10.5 assists.

Green explains Curry and Jokic similarities

On a recent episode of his “Draymond Green Show” podcast, the former Defensive Player of the Year said other than Curry, Jokic is the hardest player to zone in the NBA. He was referring to the Heat playing zone in Game 1.

“The zone works when Denver isn't shooting the ball well. So yes, it worked to a certain extent today. But if all else fails, you just throw the ball to Joker at the mid post,” via Clutchpoints.

Green has won four NBA titles with Curry and has seen firsthand why the two-time MVP can be tough to guard.

"I don't think outside of Steph Curry, there's a tougher player to zone in the NBA [than Nikola Jokic]. Cause Steph shoots the lights out of it, like he's shooting it from anywhere. And Joker, he makes every play, his touch is crazy, can shoot it, float.”

Jokic scored only 10 points in the first half but made key players for his teammates. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra used zone, but the Serbian center took advantage of it.

Jokic makes history, again

Sports Brief earlier reported on Jokic making history in Game 1 of the 2023 NBA Finals.

Jokic became the second player in NBA history to record a triple-double in his finals debut.

He joined legendary point guard Jason Kidd on that exclusive list. Kidd posted a triple-double in his Finals debut against the Los Angeles Lakers in 2002.

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