What companies does Shaq own? Find out all the information here

What companies does Shaq own? Find out all the information here

Lenah Ann
March 7, 2023 at 6:24 PM

Shaquille O'Neal is a big-time legend in the basketball world, not only by his size and achievements but also by his reputation and determination. He has transformed into one of the world's entrepreneurs owning numerous companies and brands with shares worth millions. People often wonder what companies Shaq own, and the list leaves them astonished.

What companies does Shaq own?
O'Neal attends Shaq's Fun House Big Game Weekend at Talking Stick Resort on 10 February 2023 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Photo: Ethan Miller
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As a successful businessman and a former professional basketball player, Shaq has proven that anyone can do whatever they set their mind to. He has built an empire from the ground while ensuring his personal life and involvement boost its value.

Who is Shaquille O'Neal?

Shaq is a former National Basketball Association star, current television basketball analyst, and a successful businessman. During his days on the court, he was known for his magnificent and exceptional skills and was regarded as one of the best basketball players ever.

The renowned entrepreneur has also ventured into the entertainment industry, appearing in numerous films and television shows. He patterned with several brands, including Pepsi and Reebok, and invested in a broader range of assets.

Shaq's profile and bio summary

Full name

Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal

Date of birth

6 March 1972


51 years of age (as of March 2023)

Zodiac sign


Place of birth

Newark, New Jersey, the United States of America






Lucille O'Neal and Joe Toney


Ayesha, Lateefah O'Neal, and Jamal O'Neal


7 feet 1 inch or 216 centimetres


325 pounds or 147 kilograms

Eye colour

Dark brown

Hair colour


Marital/Relationship status



Shareef, Shaqir, Me'arah, Amirah, and Taahirah O'Neal


Entrepreneur, and former professional basketball player

Net worth

Estimated to be $400 million

What companies does Shaq own?

Shaq owns a chain of restaurants, movie theatres, retail malls, car washes, fitness centres, and nightclubs with numerous brands. Here are all the details.

Does Shaq own JCPenney?
The former basketball player attends HBO Premiere For Four-Part Documentary "SHAQ" at Illuminarium on 14 November 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Prince Williams
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Does Shaq own JCPenney?

The former basketballer is the second-highest shareholder of the Authentic Brands Group, which owns JCPenney.

List of all companies owned by Shaq as of 2023

Big Diesel owns numerous companies and brands, and his business portfolio indicates he is a financial genius. According to various online analysts, SportsBrief has compiled a list of the top 10 companies owned by Shaq as of 2023.

10. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a mogul in the fashion industry, with its headquarters in the United States of America. The company is owned by Shaq through the Authentic Brand Group and deals with high-end latest fashion designs, accessories, and beauty products.

The company's low pricing on products and humble shopping environment is what attract buyers from all over the world. As of 2023, the multinational company has over 540 outlets.

9. Car Washes

Big Diesel owns 150 car washes in multiple locations in the United States of America and has employed quite several people. Although they are only sometimes considered franchises, these car washes are profitable and serve the legendary basketballer well.

8. Papa John's

List of all companies owned by Shaq as of 2023
The prosperous entrepreneur speaks during his HBO Premiere For Four-Part Documentary at Illuminarium on 14 November 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Paras Griffin
Source: Getty Images

The multinational pizza business was founded in 1984 by John Schnatter, and in 2019, Shaq became its new brand ambassador, investor, and owner. The Big Diesel invested $840,000 in 9 other Papa John's restaurants, and when his name was used for marketing purposes, he pocketed a whooping sum of $8.5 million.

7. Big Chicken

The Big Chicken franchise, owned by O'Neal, is a fast-food dining service that serves delicious chicken sandwiches in large portions and other side dishes. The franchise has 10 locations with great reviews and is closely monitored.

Although Shaq has invested in other fast food restaurants, Big Chicken is a brand that has partnered with big companies like the RS Hospitality and the Authentic Brands Group. In 2022, he signed a deal for more outreach to regions such as Phoenix and Dallas.

6. Shaquille restaurant

The legendary basketball player owns a restaurant named Shaquille in Las Vegas with a menu of shrimp scampi, fillet mignon, and chocolate cake, among other dishes.

5. CityPlex12 Movie Theatre

Shaq owns several movie theatres located all over the United States of America. He opened one of them in his hometown, Newark, New Jersey partnering with Cory Booker, the town's mayor. The project cost was estimated to be $7 million, and it had a 40-foot 3D digital screen.

What type of companies does Shaq own?
The former NBA player attends the second preseason NBA game between Atlanta Hawks and Milwaukee Bucks at Etihad Arena on 8 October 2022 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Photo: Francois Nel
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4. Aunty Annie's Pretzels (franchises)

The Hall of Famer owns 17 Auntie Anne's pretzels restaurants across the United States of America, with an approximate value of over $300,000. The fast-food restaurant chain was founded in 1988 as a family business selling baked pretzels.

3. 24-Hour Fitness gym (franchises)

The four-time former NBA champion is among the 24-Hour Fitness centres investors. There are 300 fitness centres in 11 states, and at least 40 belong to Shaq, each with an original design.

He joined the chain of fitness centres in 2013 as a brand ambassador and gradually worked up the ladder to the board of directors in 2016, and 2019 he became an advisor.

2. Five Guys Burgers (franchises)

The franchise is an American-based fast-food restaurant owned by O'Neal. It sells famous burgers and fries incorporated with other dishes, and its location is hard to miss in the States. The franchise was conceived by four Murrell brothers in 1986, and Big Diesel owns 155 Five Guys restaurants throughout America.

1. Krispy Kreme Donuts (franchises)

Founded in 1937, Krispy Kreme is famously known for its donuts and coffee, and currently, it has over 1,300 stores worldwide.

What brand does Shaq own?
The famous entrepreneur attends Imagine Dragons' Eighth Annual Tyler Robinson Foundation Rise Up Gala at Resorts World Las Vegas on 23 September 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Jesse Grant
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In 2016, O'Neal bought Krispy Kreme cafeteria valued at $2.75 million and added it to the long list of his assets. During his interview, he stated that he aims to own more than 100 Krispy Kreme cafeterias and has acquired a famous place in Atlanta.

Other companies and brands that Shaq has invested in include;

  • NRG eSports
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Lyft
  • Pepsi
  • Ring
  • Vitaminwater
  • General Electric
  • FORTO Coffee Shots
  • ŌURA
  • Forest Road Acquisition
  • Beachbody & Myx Fitness
  • Maxpro Fitness, and others.

What type of companies does Shaq own?

Most of his companies are based on fast foods, for instance, the Five Guys and the Big Chicken restaurants, while others deal with fashion, fitness, and car washes. These franchises significantly contribute to his extensive net worth.

What brand does Shaq own?

O'Neal owns the Big Chicken brand, which he founded in 2018, and has ten locations shipping across the United States of America. He also owns 24-Hour fitness gyms, car washes, movie theatres, nightclubs, and shopping malls.

He is invested in brands such as the Authentic Brands Group, including Barneys New York, Forever 21, Reebok, and JCPenney, all contributing to his net worth.

How much is Shaquille O'Neal worth?

Allegedly, it is reported that the star takes home around $60 million annually from his endorsements, deals, and various investments. According to online sources, as of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $400 million.

How much did Shaq earn in his NBA career?

In 2011, Shaq retired and took home approximately $292 million in cash without his extra earnings from sponsorships and advertisement deals.

Considering what companies Shaq owns and the size of his empire, it is proof enough that he is a mastermind both on the court and in the business world. The Hall of Famer has invested in various franchises despite the risks and liabilities and has come out wealthier than ever.

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