Why Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Wants Shortened NBA Season

Why Warriors Coach Steve Kerr Wants Shortened NBA Season

  • Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr recently advocated for a shortened NBA season
  • There were mixed reactions from fans who felt fewer games means less money for the teams
  • Others felt that if Michael Jordan could play all 82 games, today's players should do the same

Golden State Warriors coach, Steve Kerr recently advocated for a shortened NBA season after his star players missed the second night of a back-to-back.

In April 2022, Kerr asked the NBA to consider a 72-game NBA season, which would allow teams to get more rest times between games. Analysts and fans have previously raised concerns about the 82-game season.

Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors, NBA
NBA teams have played 82 games since 1967. Photo by Ezra Shaw.
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Every season, teams always try to rest veterans or their best players with one eye on the playoffs. However, fans complain when they pay for tickets to watch the best stars, only to get news that they are not playing.

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The topic has raged for the last few seasons, but there has been no indication from the league that things will change any time soon. The current 82-game schedule has existed since 1967 when the NBA had 12 teams.

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For that reason, rest nights for players were rare, with most starters playing around 40 minutes per game, according to NBC Sports.

Kerr calls for 72-game season

Recently, the Warriors had two back-to-back games against the Celtics and Cavaliers. They narrowly lost to the Celtics with all their regular starters playing. However, against the Cavs, they rested Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, per CBS Sports.

"I feel terrible for fans who buy tickets expecting to see someone play and they don't get to see that person play. It's a brutal part of the business. It's why I'm going to continue to advocate for 72-game seasons."

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Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr
NBA fans always want to watch superstars like Stephen Curry. Photo by Kavin Mistry.
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However, there were mixed reactions from fans.

Fans react to 72-game season:

"Fewer games is an obvious solution. But Steve Kerr is one of the few that has been public about willing to take less money. Are the players gonna go for that? Uh……. of course not."
"Michael Jordan played 82 games in his final season at age 39. He also played 82 games in every season during his 2nd three-peat."
"NBA players are soft today. MJ's era never did this to the fans."

Although the NBA has reduced the number of back-to-backs, the issue is still a hot topic among the sport's fans.

Kerr compares Curry to Jordan

Sports Brief earlier reported on Kerr comparing Curry to Jordan, after the Warriors guard got 'MVP' chants from Washington Wizards fans.

The coach played with Jordan at the Chicago Bulls back in the 1990s and has coached Curry for nine seasons now.

He watched Jordan get similar chants from rival fan bases and understands the similarities between the two generational talents.

Source: Sports Brief News