Which are the best Adidas basketball shoes in the history of the game? A ranked list

Which are the best Adidas basketball shoes in the history of the game? A ranked list

Claudia Kogi
December 15, 2022 at 11:26 AM

Adidas is a leader in practically every area of sportswear, but the Adidas basketball shoe market is one that has taken over the limelight. These particular shoes are consistently among the best in the market. Additionally, Adidas has a long history in the basketball industry.

What basketball player uses Adidas?
An Adidas sign at the entrance to the store on 12 August 2021 in Miami, Florida. Photo: Joe Raedle
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They have had some of the most recognizable sneakers to ever grace the floor, from high-top to low-top, vintage to cutting-edge modern, and a whole spectrum of vibrant basketball shoes; the selection is unmatched.

Top 10 Adidas basketball shoes

Playing basketball is among the toughest jobs in the world as it requires sheer stamina, girth, and an elite mentality. And where will all that stamina come from if not from some of the best Adidas basketball shoes made for jumping. According to various online sources and stats, here are some of the best-selling Adidas basketball shoes you can ever get.

10. Adidas D Rose 4 Restomod

Best adidas basketball shoes for guards
A black pair of the D Rose 4 Restomod. Photo: @kicksgenixph
Source: Instagram

This particular shoe marks the comeback of a shoe that is adored by people all around the world. It is a 2013 iteration of the first D Rose shoe. With its traction and fit at the time, it was one of the most outstanding performers on the court.

Almost everything has returned to as before, except for one significant update: cushion. Full-length Bounce is now present in this iteration that was introduced in 2021. This design is a substantial improvement over the EVA midsole with an adi-prene crash pad used in the original.

9. Adidas D Rose Son of Chi

What basketball player uses Adidas?
A pair of Adidas D Rose Son of Chi. Photo: @headshoes.id
Source: Instagram

Though it is not immediately clear from the name, D Rose Son of Chi is Derrick Rose's newest trademark shoe. The characteristics are typical and consistent with other basketball shoes. With mesh and fuse, the shoe construction is entirely synthetic.

A traction pattern resembling this particular shoe is present on the outsole. The midsole is made using Bounce, which is relatively low to the ground and ideal for quick-footed, lightweight guards.

Even if the D Rose Son of Chi shoe is not the next D Rose trademark model, it will still perform well. We anticipate an excellent on-court basketball shoe with the return of Bounce, which was virtually phased out.

8. Adidas Pro Model 2G

Which basketball player has the best shoes
A pair of black Pro Models. Photo: Probasketballlv
Source: Instagram

Some of the best basketball players, especially those who play the guard positions, enjoy this particular shoe for its comfortable fit, dependable grip, and performance on every court condition. Many people are pleased that this revised pair still appears and performs just as well as its original one. The bargain pricing of these vintage basketball shoes has fans ecstatic.

In the early 2000s, the original Pro Model was a staple of Adidas and popular among consumers. The Pro Model 2G was a popular on-court shoe with Adiprene cushioning, herringbone traction, a robust construction, and the traditional shell-toe style.

7. Adidas Dame 8

Best cheap adidas basketball shoes
A black pair of the Dame 8. Photo: @hoopssneakers
Source: Getty Images

Many of the brand's leading technology, such as Bounce Pro, is used in the Dame 8. The versatility of this shoe makes it ideal for players of all skill levels and foot types. This may be an advantage for guards who move up and down the court and usually appear fast on their feet. These can also provide sufficient support and impact protection if you're a bigger person.

For the past few years, the adaptability of the Lillard line has been the customers' favourite feature. And his release in 2021 will be the same. Overall, this particular shoe has certain advantages, but it falls short of some of the older models in the range in terms of performance.

6. Adidas DON Issue 3

For Utah's star player, Donovan Mitchell, the Adidas DON Issue 3 is next. We look for more of the same from his trademark shoe after a fantastic season in which the Jazz finished as the best team in the West.

Some parts carry over from the first two releases, but some aspects, such as the cushion, are exclusive to this one. Issue 3 is the most well-known model in the line because it combines light strike cushioning with an abrasion resistant TPU outsole to offer the support and traction needed to rack up significant numbers.

5. Adidas DON Issue 4

Famous adidas basketball shoes
A black pair of black of DON Issue 4. Photo: @stankcks20
Source: Getty Images

The materials of Donovan Mitchell's Adidas D.O.N. Issue 4 were unquestionably improved over those in the Adidas D.O.N. Issue 3. It is built from a lovely Jacquard fabric that is supportive and comfortable. Full-length Light-strike, a good foam, makes up the midsole. In what seems like Adidas' effort to follow Nike's Zoom Air Strobel trend, the Strobel is likewise composed of the same foam.

The back piece comprises synthetic nubuck and suede to give it a more luxurious feel. This white basketball shoe pair has an Ultralight Light-strike sole unit, a light-lock top for a secure fit, and a lightweight propulsion system.

4. Adidas Son of Chi 2

The Adidas Son of Chi 2 is one of Adidas' top basketball shoes for 2022. The performance's central high point is the traction. The shoe has excellent floor traction, even with translucent rubber, independent of the court's conditions.

Additionally, it is strong and will endure longer than most rubber outsoles on the market today. The full-length Bounce midsole provides solid impact protection. Everything is practical and in harmony.

The Son of Chi 2 is one of the top Adidas basketball shoes. It has all you require and nothing more. Even with the debut of Bounce Pro in the Adidas Dame 8, I understand that Bounce might sometimes look like an out-of-date cushion, but when used properly, it still functions.

3. Adidas Harden Vol 6

Best adidas basketball shoes for guards
A black and white pair of Harden Vol 6. Photo: @mizapas
Source: Getty Images

The traction works quite well and is barely hampered by dusty conditions. This year's sneaker version features a reintroduction of Adidas' Boost foam, making it feel responsive. The shoes have a great court feel as well.

The fabrics start stiff but rapidly break in and become comfortable. Compared to earlier Harden models, the fit is also significantly more accommodating.

No matter your motions, your feet will remain safe thanks to the combination of the materials and fit's support and lockdown. Adidas revitalises the Harden collection with the Harden Vol. 6 release and returns to its beginnings with the full-length Boost, comparable to the Harden Vol. 1.

2. Adidas Exhibit A

Which basketball player has the best shoes
A pair of the Exhibit A shoes. Photo: @hoopssneakers
Source: Getty Images

Despite having her version of the sneaker, Candace Parker is primarily credited with popularizing the Adidas Exhibit A, which debuted in August 2021. The top is made entirely of mesh with substantial design and support overlays. Strong but lightweight, the heel counter extends to the Light-strike midsole for stability.

The foam in this area is not extraordinary and is best characterized as adequate. Instead of just emphasizing one item over and over again, you get several very great stuff here. A balanced sneaker all around. It has every attribute you could ask for, traction and support.

1. Adidas Trae Young 1

Best cheap adidas basketball shoes
A pair of the Tare Young 1 shoes. Photo: @headsoesstore
Source: Getty Images

The launching of the Trae Young 1 coincided nicely with the name-brand player, Trae Young, utterly dominating the 2020 NBA playoffs. The cushion is the standout feature of this sneaker.

The full-length light-strike midsole and the heels are the first examples of the ETPU-based cushion seen on a Trae Young-worn shoe. Forefoot responsiveness is excellent, and back impact protection is vital.

However, the traction could be better. You should be fine if you play predominantly on clean courts. Support is maintained despite the few lace loops. As long as you keep playing on clean courts, the Adidas Trae Young 1 is a great sneaker to play in overall.

Basketball players will improve their skill set and reduce their risk of injury with a decent pair of Adidas basketball shoes. The ultimate goal of the best basketball shoes is to give players more traction, durability, and ankle support. Adidas still offers a wide range of basketball shoes to pick from every year, even though the name was established more than 70 years ago.

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