Georgina Rodriguez Bans Ronaldo From Doing 1 Big Thing at Home, Gives Stunning Reason

Georgina Rodriguez Bans Ronaldo From Doing 1 Big Thing at Home, Gives Stunning Reason

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is not allowed to change the light-bulbs in his house according to his super girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez
  • The Spanish model explained that Cristiano Ronaldo stands risk of being injured because of the high ceilings
  • Ronaldo recently rejoined Premier League side Manchester United and has been doing well for the Red Devils

Cristiano Ronaldo has been banned by his lover Georgina Rodriguez from changing light-bulbs in their mansion because the Spaniard does not want her man to risk getting injured while climbing the ladder.

The Portugal international and Georgina Rodriguez have been together for the past five years and even have a kid together even though the Spaniard has been the one taking care of Ronaldo's other children.

Ronaldo and Georgina started dating when the now Manchester United star was playing for Real Madrid, and the love between them has been superb ever since then.

Georgina Rodriguez and Ronaldo
Georgina Rodriguez and Ronaldo receiving awards. Photo by Samuel de Roman
Source: Getty Images

According to the report on UK Sun, Georgina Rodriguez who is a model explained that they actually have a chef at home, but she prefers most times coking for her man.

Georgina Rodriguez's reaction

“He doesn’t cook. After training all morning, he deserves to find a good plate of hot food prepared with love at the table.
“We have a chef and sometimes I cook. And changing a light bulb in our house is impossible, we have such high ceilings.
“If you were Cristiano Ronaldo, would you change a light bulb nearly 20 foot above the ground?
“Better not. Take care of yourself and dedicate yourself to being the best at what you do. I'll take care of the rest. I make it all work out. I like to take care of my home and my family.”

Cristiano Ronaldo hires bodyguards in his house

Earlier, had reported how following his sensational return to Premier League side Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo has hired 24-hour security that will be protecting him, his family and their mansion.

The Portugal international is said to have been warned that there are many criminal gangs now around the city and the best way is for him to make provisions for bodyguards and security.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus star agreed to hire some locally based bodyguards with the responsibility of them protecting his house from hoodlums.

There is no doubt about the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest players in the world and his profile and wealth could attract criminal gangs.

Source: Sports Brief News