Refree That Called Mikel Obi A Monkey Strikes Again

Refree That Called Mikel Obi A Monkey Strikes Again

Mark Clattenburg is being investigated by referees’ chief Mike Riley after Southampton accused him of ‘abusing and insulting’ their captain, the England star Adam Lallana

English Premier league refree Mark Clattenburg is again under investigation by referees chief Mike Riley for abusing and insulting Southhampton captain and England midfielder Adam Lallana.

Southhampton Football club made the accusation to the referees board chief Mike Riley.The event occurred during Southhampton's 2-1 loss to Everton at Goodison Park last Sunday 

After the match at Goodison, Pochettino complained bitterly about Clattenburg's handling of the game.

The Southampton manager said: These things need to be said and i am actually defending my club because it is my club and if i don't talk, i am going to be seen as if i am dumb or i don't care about my club.

I don't mean any disrespect against any referees but anyone watching the game can see there were two clear penalties that weren't given or should have been given.

Clattenburg has a controversial style and it is understood the alleged insult was directed at Lallana after the referee turned down Southampton penalty appeals late in the game. 

Clattenburg was accused of aiming a racist insult towards Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi during their 3-2 home defeat by Manchester United.

The FA and the Metropolitan Police launched inquiries into the incident, but a month later, dropped the investigation and Clattenburg was cleared. Mikel was later fined £60,000 and banned for three matches for threatening Clattenburg in the aftermath of the game.