Mzansi Reacts to Max Verstappen/Lewis Hamilton Drama Which Has Set Motor Racing on Fire

Mzansi Reacts to Max Verstappen/Lewis Hamilton Drama Which Has Set Motor Racing on Fire

Keba Mothoagae
December 13, 2021 at 2:11 PM
  • Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton went into the final race of the 2021 Formula 1 season tied in the closest way possible
  • The Red Bull Racing and Mercedes-Benz rivals did not disappoint, deciding the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the very last lap
  • From the knowledgable to the casually observant, Mzansi social media users gave their opinions on a gripping furore

The fallout continues after the climax of the tightest finish to an F1 season in the 21st century and South Africans have made their feelings known on social media.

Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen and Mercedes-Benz rival Lewis Hamilton went into the final race of the 2021 Formula1 season, the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix in the United Arab Emirates, literally neck-and-neck. Both were tied for the lead at 369.5 points each, with the winner taking everything.

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Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton delivered a Formula 1 finish for the books, triggering Mzansi in all directions of emotions. Image source: Clive Rose/Getty Images
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A controversial technicality at the end of the race saw Verstappen dramatically overtake Hamilton for the lead on the last lap of the race, handing him the World Championship title. A Hamilton victory would have elevated him to the greatest F1 champion in history with eight championships, one ahead of Michael Schumacher on seven.

From knowledgable F1 fundis to uninformed but equally vocal bystanders, social media was a proverbial car crash scene of protestation and humour.

@ChrisOverthrow said:

"Not watched F1 in years and this race has vindicated that for me and I will not be watching again. This race had the last day drama to get millions more to tune in but they ruined it as a spectacle and lost me as a potential fan."

@kingpili said:

"By my take, that last lap will have the world tuned into the next season of F1 for some "retribution"... If Ferrari levels up and RB's new engine ignites, it will be a thriller"

@Tsika85 said:

"After what happened yesterday to Lewis, i have lost interest in Formula 1. Most heartbreaking and embarrassing moment in the sport. #AbuDabhiGP"

@svdkenie said:

"WWE and Vince tell you that this right here isn’t a sport and we here for entertainment purposes. Formulav1 is a farce. Be open about what you are. @F1 @fia"

Lewis Hamilton won't be bothered by last minute loss as he lives the high life

Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton might be a bitterly disappointed man today, but his achievements on-and-off the race circuit will serve as comfort to him and his legion of fans.

As reported by Briefly News, Sir Lewis - he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2020 - has amassed a fortune from his racing exploits and non-racing exploits. From once dating the likes of pop star Nicole Scherzinger to counting the likes of our own Trevor Noah as a BFF, Hamilton is a heavy-hitter on the world scene.

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