Tennis Legend Novak Djokovic Salutes Ronaldo, Hits the ‘Siuu’ While Playing Golf: Video

Tennis Legend Novak Djokovic Salutes Ronaldo, Hits the ‘Siuu’ While Playing Golf: Video

Godwin Nii Armah Tagoe
September 28, 2023 at 6:15 AM
  • Novak Djokovic paid homage to Cristiano Ronaldo while playing golf
  • The world No.1 tennis player swapped the tennis racket for his golf clubs to feature in a special event
  • He won a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam title earlier this month at the US Open

Cristiano Ronaldo's distinctive goal celebration has become a universally recognized and favoured celebration among sports figures and fans alike.

While Ronaldo is primarily known as a footballer, his signature celebration has gained widespread popularity beyond the realm of football.

His iconic 'Siuu' celebration has transcended the boundaries of the sport, with figures from cricket, basketball, and now tennis all adopting the signature move.

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Novak Djokovic performed Ronaldo's 'Siuu' at the Ryder Cup celebrity all-star match at Marco Simone Golf Club. Photo credit: @usopen/Twitter @AlNassrFC_EN/Twitter Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Source: Twitter

In a video circulating on the X App, formerly known as Twitter, the legendary tennis player Novak Djokovic was seen enthusiastically embracing Ronaldo's iconic celebration during the Ryder Cup celebrity all-star match.

Djokovic mimics Ronaldo's 'Siuu' celebration

As reported by Sky Sports, Djokovic made a unique entrance to the first tee, initially appearing with a tennis racket before making a switch to a golf driver.

The world's top-ranked tennis player pulled off a remarkable shot during the day that was in contention for the title of the best shot, driving the green from an advanced tee at the par-four 16th hole.

Djokovic's sensational achievement prompted playful banter and laughter before he punctuated the moment with the iconic 'Siuu' celebration as his ball came to rest on the green.

Here is the video:

Ronaldo explains the meaning behind 'Siuu'

'Siuu' is a Portuguese term that translates to 'yes.' According to GOAL, Ronaldo first exclaimed it during the 2014 Ballon d'Or Gala when he edged out Messi to claim the award.

A year prior to that, he had casually incorporated the celebration into a pre-season match against Chelsea.

Subsequently, he transformed it into his signature goal celebration, characterized by a mid-air 'dance' followed by the exclamation 'Siuu' upon landing.

Nevertheless, the five-time Ballon d'Or winner now acknowledges that the celebration has garnered far more fame and recognition than he initially anticipated.

Ronaldo's 'Siuu' ranked best goal celebration

Meanwhile, football's allure resides in its varied celebrations, ranging from dance routines and acrobatic displays to comical antics on the pitch. These celebrations collectively enhance its status as the world's most cherished sport.

Within the realm of iconic and personalized celebrations, Cristiano Ronaldo's renowned 'Siuu' stands out prominently, Sports Brief reported.

The contagious appeal of this celebration has enraptured fans across the globe, inspiring both spectators and fellow players to emulate it whenever they find the back of the net.

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