Premier League mascots: Who is the best mascot in the EPL?

Premier League mascots: Who is the best mascot in the EPL?

Lenah Ann
March 15, 2023 at 3:29 AM

Most Premier League mascots have been around for over a century and are essential to fans' matchday experience. Their primary purpose is to entertain by lifting the crowds' spirits while parading up and down the touchline. Although some are very popular, finding a fan who can name all the mascots in English football's top division is a hard task.

Do Premier League teams have mascots?
Premier league mascots: Who is the best mascot in the EPL? Photo: Daniel Hambury, Andrew Matthews, John Walton (Modified by author)
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Mascots come in different types and forms, from seagulls to dinosaurs and anthropomorphic gas boilers to aliens and robots. Most have worn the outfits to pose as mascots and lighten up their respective stadiums.

Top 10 best Premier League mascots

The EPL is one of the best leagues in the world, with a rich tapestry of mascots. According to various online sources, Sports Brief has created a list of the top 10 EPL mascots based on originality, achievements, popularity, and aesthetics.

10. Hammerhead - West Ham United

EPL teams’ mascots
Hammerhead before a Carabao Cup match at the London Stadium. Photo: Daniel Hambury
Source: Getty Images

The Hammerhead, who is part robot, a part human, has been labeled by some of the greatest Premier League mascots of all time. He is among the most unique in design and originality compared to other EPL teams' mascots.

Hammerhead is compared to former West Ham striker Vic Watson regarding goal scoring and described as a 'cult hero' by the club's website. His confidence in challenging opponents to race at halftime and his massive social media following make him one of the best in EPL.

9. Hercules and Bella the Lions - Aston Villa

Premier League mascots ranked
Aston Villa mascots Hercules and Bella. Photo: Andrew Matthews
Source: Getty Images

Hercules is one of the best lion mascots in the Premier Leagues and has always been in the company of his partner, Bella. Although he has been with the club for decades, he was sucked in the late 1990s for fighting the club's beauty queen and was later re-hired.

The dynamic duo is famous in and around Birmingham and is responsible for the positive energy experienced at Villa Park on match days. They are known for posing with the opposition's managers, like Jurgen Klopp and Louis van Gaal.

8. Pete and Alice the Eagles - Crystal Palace

EPL teams’ mascots
Pete the Eagle and Alice the Eagle appear prior to the Barclays match against Hull City at Selhurst Park on 28 January 2014, in London, England. Photo: Ian Walton
Source: Getty Images

The duo soaks the crowd's attention during Crystal Palace home games with dazzling shades. Previously, they had a routine real-life Eagle flying across the stadium named Kayla, who sadly passed away in 2020.

Pete and Alice are considered one of the coolest ever and often tweet their pictures getting physio treatments. They also participate in local community outreach, with Pete oozing out a glass, and are always present at Selhurst Park on match days.

7. Chirpy the Cockerel - Tottenham Hotspur

Premier League mascots ranked
Tottenham Hotspur Chirpy the Cockerel. Photo: John Walton
Source: Getty Images

Chirpy was designed to represent the bird on the Tottenham badge, which has been featured since 1991. He has always led the Spurs to numerous victories, and although he used to be blue and white, Chirpy was often reimagined as a Woody Woodpecker character.

He has been seen at Spurs stadium leading other small mascots in doing their tasks and has helped to get fans to attend home fixtures due to his enthusiasm.

6. Harry the Hornet - Watford

Worst Premier League mascots
Harry the Hornet applauds the fans following the Sky Bet Championship match at Vicarage Road, Watford on 17 September 2022. Photo: Steven Paston
Source: Getty Images

Harry became the most controversial personality in Premier League history after being involved in a feud with Winfred Zaha, Crystal Palace's striker. Regardless, he deserves our respect for breaking the world's record in the London marathon, raising $5,299 for charity.

The hornet design is simple, well-executed, and precisely to the point, with a moose on the badge. Harry has been part of the Watford fraternity for decades; sure enough, he is looking to win trophies.

5. Monty and Maggie the Magpies - Newcastle

Premier League mascots ranked
Magpie the mascot during the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Manchester United at St. James Park on 2 January 2019 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt
Source: Getty Images

Newcastle has the Magpies, who line up to entertain the fans at their home ground, St James' Park. They are self-explained in terms of design and simplicity with their toon-like nature that suits the club's logo.

The two are often seen interacting with fans at every Newcastle home fixture and have always turned up through thick and thin for the club. Their jobs may be easier with the new wealthy owners.

4. Fred the Red - Manchester United

Do Premier League teams have mascots?
Fred the Red poses ahead of the Emirates FA Cup Fifth Round match between Man U and West Ham United at Old Trafford on 1 March 2023 in Manchester, England. Photo: Matthew Peters
Source: Getty Images

Fred the Red is the most known mascot worldwide, and United has been magnificent in marketing him. He has plenty of merchandise and is considered a celebrity figure at Old Trafford, often spotted dancing during match days.

Fred has a presumed happy and cuddly face, and his name is based on the club's Red Devils nickname, which has been in place for years.

3. Filbert Fox - Leicester City

EPL teams’ mascots
Filbert Fox of Leicester City during the match against Brentford at The King Power Stadium on 20 March 2022 in Leicester, United Kingdom. Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt
Source: Getty Images

Fox is named after Leicester's former home of Filbert Street, and he has not missed any match in 25 years. He was present during all of Leicester's matches in the 2015/16 season title-winning campaign.

Filbert is undoubtedly one of the greatest mascots in the EPL, with the best marketing out there. The only knock against him is his mixed metaphor while playing hunting bones before the game.

2. Gunnersaurus Rex - Arsenal

Worst Premier League mascots
Arsenal's Gunnersaurus poses prior to the UEFA Women's Champions League group C match against FC Zürich at Emirates Stadium on 27 October 2022 in London, England. Photo: Julian Finney
Source: Getty Images

Gunnersaurus is arguably the most famous in the Premier League. The idea for designing the Arsenal dinosaur was conceived in 1993 by a young fan who submitted it as part of the competition.

Rex has been a familiar figure in London and Highbury, appearing at every home game. However, he made headlines after the club made him redundant, and one month later, he was re-hired by the Arsenal legend Mesut Ozil.

1. Moonchester and Moonbeam - Manchester City

The duo alien takes inspiration from the club's song Blue Moon. Their design and concept are unique and well-executed to fit the colour scheme perfectly. These names are also in sync with the club's anthem.

Despite critics terming the mascot as bizarre and ridiculous, Moonchester and Moonbeam are the best Premier League duo analysed according to design, achievements, and originality. The aliens replaced Mancunian, who was presumed slightly depressed with a giant shadow cast over him.

Premier League mascots ranked
Manchester City mascots pose for a photo prior to the Vitality Women's FA Cup Final match against Chelsea Women at Wembley Stadium on 15 May 2022 in London, England. Photo: Michael Regan
Source: Getty Images

Do Premier League teams have mascots?

The league has mascots tasked with keeping the fans entertained on match days and have been an essential part of the league and fans' experience for decades. They raise the fans' spirits by mostly parading the touchline and doing some stunts.

The worst Premier League mascots ranked

Looking at the best team, one can not help but think if the league also has the worst. Scribing through various online sources, here is a list of the top 5 worst EPL mascots according to originality and design.

5. Sherwood Bear - Nottingham Forest

The Sherwood Bear from the Forest has received criticism and concerns that the mascot should be named Robin Hood to make more sense. This was agreed on, and the name was changed in 2007 and, hopefully, permanently in 2018.

4. Lucas the Kop Kat - Leeds United

Do Premier League teams have mascots?
Leeds' Lucas The Kop Cat watches Pipe Band perform before the match against AFC Bournemouth at Elland Road on 5 November 2022 in Leeds, United Kingdom. Photo: Daniel Chesterton
Source: Getty Images

Lucas has been with Leads since 2005, after the club opted for a snow character to represent their white kit that appeared to be the only link between the snow leopards and the West Yorkshire club. Using animals seems strange to Leeds since they were initially known as Peacocks and thus have few admirers.

3. Captain Blade - Sheffield United

Sheffield named theirs the Blades, which from a public relations point of view, does not sit right with most fans, given that other teams have named theirs based on their team's theme.

2. Chang the Elephant - Everton

Everton's Chang the Elephant had nothing in common with the club since he was named after one of the club's sponsors. He made little sense compared to Mr. Toffee, who represented and stood for the club's nickname traced back to 1878.

When the club's sponsorship ended in 2017, Chang was ditched, and Everton has been mascot-less ever since.

1. Boiler Man - West Brom

Best Premier League mascots
West Bromwich Albion boiler man parades around the ground before the Sky Bet Championship match against Nottingham Forest on 12 February 2019 in West Bromwich, England. Photo: Stu Forster
Source: Getty Images

Boiler Man is the most hilarious, and some fans were in disbelief when he was first introduced in the 2018/19 season. The design of a boiler with legs was based not on the team but on the sponsorship deal with Hull-based company Ideal Boilers.

What is Paris Saint-Germain's mascot?

Germain the Lynx is PSG's mascot who has always worn the club's traditional colours. It was announced in 2010 during Tournoi de Paris to commemorate the club's 40th anniversary.

How much do Premier League mascots make?

EPL team mascots take home an average salary of approximately $36,931 annually.

Premier League mascots are among the greatest in the world, built to make fans' experiences during match days memorable. Although some of them are in the worst category due to their theme, design, and originality, still, they make the stadium roar and cheer with zeal.

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