How to play Fantasy Premier League: a detailed guide and all the tips you should know

How to play Fantasy Premier League: a detailed guide and all the tips you should know

Grace Waruguru
February 14, 2023 at 3:08 PM

Football and gaming lovers have been searching for tips and tricks on how to play Fantasy Premier League. The thrilling experience gives you control of the game and players you want to work with. Here is a detailed guide on everything you should know about playing the game.

How to play fantasy premier league
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Fantasy Football is a game where you play as a team owner, manager and coach. You put together a team in a process called drafting before the teams battle it out for a season. As team leader, you can swap or release players based on their performance. Find out how to play Fantasy Premier League.

How to play Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

The first step in playing this exciting game is to select your players for the season. Each team owner picks a 15-man crew, but the players can only be selected by one manager in your league. Additionally, each player has a price tag on them based on their value.

Managers use a draft system to build their teams from scratch. Each of them take turns to select players for about 15 rounds. In the beginning, the picks are random before they start moving from round to round, reversing the pick order at each.

For example, during the first round the teams follow the normal pick order, Team A, B, C and D. Then, in the second round, they reverse it. So, the order becomes Team D, C, B, and A. Once you select your players, set up a line-up for each week. The league administrator sets the draft date and public leagues play theirs 24 hours after the first team joins.

How to play Fantasy Football League

Once the teams are selected and organized, the thrilling plays begin. Your crew competes against 10-12 teams in the league, going against a different team each week.

Your role as the manager is to watch as your players catch, pass, run and score touchdowns, all of which earn them fantasy points. The player with the most fantasy points at the end of each week wins.

The process continues for a couple of weeks before the fantasy playoffs begin towards the end of the season. The winning teams advance to the finals while the losing ones end their season.

How to play Fantasy Premier League wildcard

Team managers get some special chips to earn them advantage over their competition. One of these is the wildcard, which allows a manager to make free unlimited transfers in a game week. Usually, they only get one free transfer game weekly, but they can save another to get two.

Any additional transfers cost the teams four points. However, with the wildcard, they can avoid these deductions. Managers can play the wildcard twice per season, and cannot cancel it. The first one is available from the first game week while the second one comes before the January transfer window.

Additionally, once you opt for the wildcard, you lose all saved transfers and get back to one free transfer from the next game week. The wildcard is the most powerful chip you can have. Other special chips in Fantasy Football include:

  • Triple Captain - This chip earns you three times your total points for the captain, and you can only use it once per season.
  • Bench Boost - The Bench boost earn you points from your team's substitutes and you can only play it once per season. The points they score are included in your total points for the week.
  • Free Hit - You can play this chip during the first 12 weeks, allowing you to make unlimited transfers in one game week before it reverts to the original.

How to play wildcard in Fantasy Premier League app

If you are using the FPL app and want to use the wildcard, hit the 'Fantasy' tab and select 'Transfers' from the available options. Here, the screen displays all 15 players in your squad and their current prices.

You will also see how much money is in your bank and it updates any time you remove a player. Remove the players and select their replacements, ensuring you stay within the budget. Once you finish, click ''Next step'' for the final stage where you will select the wildcard option and confirm. Players on the app can only use the wild card twice each season, before and after Christmas.

Tips on how to play Fantasy Premier League

You might be wondering, ''What is the best way to play Fantasy Football?'' There are several tips that will help you beat your competitors and earn more points. Here are some of them:

  1. Plan ahead. Before you select your team, check every player's ADP (Average Draft Position). This will help you know where and how to position them and the budget to allocate them.
  2. Pick the players you need for their unique and specific skills, and not necessarily their prominence.
  3. Build a watchlist of the players you are considering before the drafting season begins.
  4. Consider out-of-field issues before selecting players. Previous suspensions or disciplinary issues must not be ignored.
  5. Consider the quality of the player's team more than his individual performance.
  6. Pay close attention to the NFL schedule and do not miss important games.
  7. Start by drafting the running backs before any other positions because there are few quality running backs compared to the other positions. The quarterback can come last.

How to join Fantasy Premier League

If you have not joined the over 9.1 million managers already playing the sport, you are missing out on exciting opportunities. First, you must register on the official FPL website here. Once you confirm your email address, choose a team name and start playing.

Have you wondered how to play Fantasy Premier League? The world’s most popular fantasy game has gained massive popularity in the recent past. Follow this guide to become the best among your friends as you have an incredible experience playing.

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