How Rodriguez Raised Concern on Her First Date With Multiple Ballon d'Or Winner Cristiano Ronaldo

How Rodriguez Raised Concern on Her First Date With Multiple Ballon d'Or Winner Cristiano Ronaldo

Ibitoye Shittu
January 27, 2022 at 2:22 PM
  • Georgina Rodriguez has explained that she had concern on her first date with Cristiano Ronaldo while in Madrid
  • The Spanish model is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo youngest child and the duo are also expecting twins this year
  • Cristiano Ronaldo recently made a return back to Manchester United and has been impressive in the Premier League

Georgina Rodriguez has finally explained how she felt years back before she agreed to go out for a dinner with Manchester United and Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo then in Spain.

In 2016, the Spanish model was working as saleswoman at Gucci shop when she met Cristiano Ronaldo and the chemistry between them has been superb ever since.

Before leaving Real Madrid for a move to Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted many times with Georgina Rodriguez in many places.

Georgina Rodriguez and Ronaldo
Georgina Rodriguez and Ronaldo in action. Photo by Kate Green
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According to the report on Daily Star and Mirror, Georgina Rodriguez made it clear that she had little concern before going out to dinner with Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time.

Georgina Rodriguez's comment about Ronaldo

"Cristiano said to me, 'Do you want to come to dinner with me?' I had dinner two hours before, but I went back to dinner like a lady.
"Five years ago, my life changed. [I am] the girlfriend of the most-followed man.
"Cristiano is great, he's a very normal guy. I dreamed of having a prince charming by my side and now I have him... thanks to love, my life is now a dream."

Ronaldo Girlfriend Shows Off Couple's Huge Multi-Million Dollars’ Mansion and Yacht

Earlier, Sports Brief had reported how Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo, has displayed the couple’s expensive mansion and yacht in her upcoming TV documentary to be released on her birthday.

Georgina’s lifestyle is subject to a new Netflix documentary titled “I Am Georgina” to be premiered on Thursday, January 27 which also is the Spaniard’s 28th birthday.

In a report published by The Sun, Georgina opens the doors to their homes in Turin and Madrid, plus their private jet and £5.5million yacht.

She also says it took a while to get used to the Portuguese lifestyle, including the £4.8million pad in Madrid.

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