Readers Give Their Input After the EFF Marches for the Reopening of Stadiums

Readers Give Their Input After the EFF Marches for the Reopening of Stadiums

Keba Mothoagae
January 21, 2022 at 1:29 PM
  • Sports Brief readers have given their thoughts on the Economic Freedom Fighters' picket outside the Department of Sports and Recreation
  • The demonstration was for the reopening of stadiums across the country for spectators, with the intention of pressurising relevant stakeholders into doing so
  • Unsurprisingly, the reaction was mild, to put it simply, with some readers not convinced by the sincerity of the picket, while others were resolute in their support

Sports Brief readers had a noticeably strong and mixed reaction to the Economic Freedom Front's picket in Tshwane outside the Department of Sports and Recreation.

The demonstration, supported by the South African Football Players Union and fans of various clubs, was to pressure stakeholders into reopening stadiums for football spectators. It ended a busy week for the EFF, as it also descended on various restaurants to investigate the ratio of local and foreign employees.

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Julius Malema addresses the crowd in Tshwane. Image source: EFFSouthAfrca/Twitter
Source: Twitter

Some saw these actions as stunts, while others believed they were absolutely necessary.

Simon Lewis was not sold:

"Funny how they never march against corruption."

Mark Naicker said:

"Shame... the EFF is trying very hard, maybe a bit too hard to govern this country. Sorry Julius, not happening."

Kgaoegelo Malomane was supportive:

"Deal with them Juju! I know very well you don't play games. We have issues to tackle this year, the other one is the burning of a Parliament. "Ramaphosa is a small little boy" - Chirwa MP."

Carol Ellis questioned the sincerity:

"I will believe in his [Julius] sincerity if he starts protesting and picketing for no pit toilets and a better life for the people as he repeatedly says, instead of picketing for a stadium to open which 3/4 of population can't afford to attend."

Stephen Dolos had a different thought:

"Only those who have vaccinated must be allowed back to the stadium life. It is about choice. You chose not to vaccinate and remember about other people's rights. You can't go around and infecting other people with the virus because you have a right. That is nonsense."

South African Football Players' Union openly backs EFF picket

The South African Football Players Union is firmly onboard with the Economic Freedom Fighters' march to the Department of Sports and Recreation in Tshwane.

As reported on Sports Brief, the EFF's protest is to pressurise various stakeholders in local football to reopen football stadiums, and other sports generally, to the public.

In their sights are the Premier Soccer League, the South African Football Association and Multichoice.

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