Which are the 10 richest sports leagues in the world currently?

Which are the 10 richest sports leagues in the world currently?

As time passed, sports flourished into a successful business. The sports sector generates $620 billion in revenue globally. Consequently, professional sports leagues are sizable enterprises in modern society, with multiple income streams. People will invest time and money to watch their favourite players or teams live. So, which are the richest sports leagues in the world? Let's find out.

Richest sports leagues
The NFL logo is emblazoned across the middle of the field at SoFi Stadium. The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will meet here on Feb. 13, 2022. Photo: Maximilian Haupt
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Sports are popular with people of all ages, especially among the young adult demographic. Many people are regarded as the world's wealthiest because they are prepared to spend time and money watching their favourite and most famous MLB players. Considering betting on sports, these are the top 10 richest sports leagues in the world.

10. UEFA Champions League

Top 10 richest sports leagues in the world
The UEFA Champions League logo can be seen before the UEFA Champions League match on September 14, 2022, in Warsaw, Poland. Photo: Mateusz Slodkowski
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Revenue: $2 Billion

Each year 32 teams are invited to compete here depending on their performance in their respective games. The teams are randomly divided into eight groups of four using an algorithm.

After that, each group play the other twice. Twenty-two teams have been crowned champions since the tournament was founded in 1955. Every team in Europe's leagues aspires to win this trophy, the ultimate prize in European football.

The current record for most Champions League titles is held by Real Madrid (13 European cups). BT Sports has paid for airing its Europa League and Champions League matches. From 2021–2024, they will pay nearly £400,000,000 yearly.

9. Italy’s Serie A

Richest sports leagues in the world
Serie A logo before the Serie A match between SSC Napoli and Spezia Calcio at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona Naples, Italy on 10 September 2022. Photo: Franco Romano
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Revenue: $2.3 Billion

Napoli was previously the most expensive team in Italian Serie A, but now Juventus has that title. This has come to fruition thanks to the masterful planning of Cristiano Ronaldo's super move. And then there are other superstars like Romelu Lukaku.

The Italian Serie A is not the best telecom bargain compared to the people and the German Bundesliga. If an improved transmission agreement were approved in 2019, I would start receiving an annualized €1.3 billion.

8. Germany's Bundesliga

Richest sports leagues in the world 2023
Germany’s Bundesliga logo. Photo: @Bundesliga_EN on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Revenue: $4.3 Billion

In Germany, spectators regularly fill stadiums to watch games in the Bundesliga; on average, they sell 42,738 tickets for every game. The German Football Association announced that the combined revenues of the country's professional teams topped 4 billion euros ($4.33 billion) in 2018, an increase of 5.4% from the previous football season.

7. La Liga Santander

Top 10 richest sports leagues in the world
The logo of the La Liga football association is seen on top of its headquarters in Madrid on December 20, 2022. Photo: Thomas Coex
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Revenue: $4.5 Billion

The Spanish La Liga is the best football league in Spain and is #7 on our list of the best in the world. La Liga is not as well-known as the English Premier League; it is home to two of the best football teams in the world: Real Madrid and Barcelona.

La Liga generates revenue from commercial deals, player transfers, ticket sales, and broadcasting deals. The 2017–18 season saw a record-breaking increase of 20.6% in revenue for La Liga clubs, with a total of €4.479 billion earned. Since Lionel Messi was traded to PSG, they may expect a significant drop in revenue over the next several years.

6. National Hockey League

Richest sports leagues
A detailed view of the NHL logo on the net before the game at Capital One Arena on December 15, 2022, in Washington, DC. Photo: Scott Taetsch
Source: Getty Images

Revenue: $4.8 Billion

Although the Public Hockey Association (PHA) may be one of the weaker games in Northern America, compared to other parts of America, it has a massive fanbase. During the 2017–2018 season, the NHL generated €4.2 billion, making it the most lucrative hockey league in the world. That figure grew to $5.09 billion in the 2018–19 season thanks to an extra $2 billion, or $200 million per season, paid by NBC and NBC SportsNet as part of a (decade-long) licensing deal.

5. English Premier League

Top 10 richest sports leagues in the world
A logo of the English Premier League. Photo: @premierleague on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Revenue: $5.3 Billion

Each English club earns money even through business operations and sponsorship deals. Approximately $5.3 billion s the result of the English Head Association's leveraging of television broadcasting licenses. In 2016, for instance, the Chief Association approved a television contract for $13.6 billion.

Each of the 20 teams in the league received an equal share of these resources. Using publicly available data, the Head Association earned €5.3 billion in the fiscal year 2016/17. The advantages increased due to Man United's Association's acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku in the past seasons.

4. Indian Premier League

Richest sports leagues in the world
Indian Premier League logo. Photo: @IPV on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Revenue: $7 Billion

Cricket is not among the most popular sports in the world, and it is 3-year quite surprising that the seasons have landed it on our list of essential sports federations. Remarkably, they are in fourth place, with attendance much-exceeding hockey and, unexpectedly, the most significant football associations. Prominently feature the Indian Head Association in their discussions.

A staggering $7 billion is earned by an organization with only two bands, each of which typically performs for only two of the year's twelve months. However, when you realize that cricket is the most popular sport in India, a country with a population of 1,339,000,000, you may begin to see the gravity of the situation. India is so dedicated to cricket that a significant match often delays other activities.

Reports also reveal that Matchday attendance for IPL games is on the rise. However, attendance has consistently been over 32,000 per game—Media Rights, Sensitive Timeframe, New IPL Teams, and an Expected TV Privileges Holder in 2022.

3. National Basketball Association

Richest sports leagues in the world 2023
A detailed view of the NBA logo before the game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center on November 18, 2022, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo: Mitchell Leff
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Revenue: $8 Billion

The Public Basketball Association enjoys greater global and North American fame than National Football League or Major League Baseball. It is not surprising, considering that football is among the top five most popular sports world's games group, with an estimated 800 million supporters.

So, it stands to reason that the world's top ball association would be among the top three best in revenue. The National Basketball Association (NBA) generates an estimated $500 million in global media income thanks to lucrative broadcasting deals with public television networks. Every year in 2019, NBA fanatics place a valuation of $1.87 billion on the league's three best teams, with the average valuation of each several being $1.87 billion.

Regular attendance and discounted tickets reveal the unstoppable rise of NBA games with a value of above $2 billion, including the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, and Brilliant State Warriors.

2. Major League Baseball

Richest sports leagues
Post Season logos during Atlanta Braves practice for the NLDS game three on October 10, 2021, at Suntrust Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: David J. Griffin
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Revenue: $10 Billion

Baseball, like soccer, has a minimal international fan following because most players are drawn from regional support bases. We have repeatedly seen that having many North Americans on your side is a considerable advantage, and MLB is among the wealthiest sports leagues in the world.

With 1992 as the starting point, $1.2 billion has been generated through several cross-income streams. Averaging 2018's growth rate of $10.7 billion and 2019's projection of $10.8 billion, it has grown to $10.3 billion. Therefore profit made by each team in the 2017-18 season was above $300 million.

Considering that in 2018 the average price of a baseball ticket was $32.44 million, you can see how the MLB teams make millions of dollars off ticket sales. This exemplifies MLB's consistent and predictable expansion since around 2006. Since just six of the top 50 clubs are affiliated with this league, MLB and the NFL do not share stadiums.

1. National Football League

Richest sports leagues in the world
A detailed view of the NFL logo on the field before a game at Highmark Stadium on January 8, 2023, in Orchard Park, New York. Photo: Timothy T Ludwig
Source: Getty Images

Revenue: $10.8 Billion

The National Football League (NFL) ranks first on this list of richest sports leagues in the world in 2023. From a financial perspective, the NFL is far more powerful than European football in terms of how the game is generally viewed and well-known. Given that a sizable chunk of its fanbase is North American, most of its long-haul audience consists of people from the United States and Canada because no one outside those countries cares about it.

Most of the National Football League's annual revenue comes from long-term contracts with telecom companies like ESPN, Fox, NBC, and others. The NFL's 32 franchises receive the lion's share of the revenue, and the company is home to 29 of the world's 50 most expensive stadiums.

The National Football League (NFL) is ranked top among the richest sports leagues in the world. Super Bowl matchups feature the champions of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, and draw viewers from all over the world. Based on the 10-year rights agreement inked in 2022, the NFL is Forbes' richest sports league, worth around $10.8 billion.

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