Wimbledon men's trophy: Why is there a pineapple on the Wimbledon men's trophy?

Wimbledon men's trophy: Why is there a pineapple on the Wimbledon men's trophy?

Several netizens and tennis players have wondered, ''Why does the Wimbledon men's trophy have a pineapple on it?'' Every trophy has a story, some telling the team's history, milestones, or individuals. Discover the exciting story behind this unique feature.

Wimbledon men's trophy
The Wimbledon Men's Trophy pictured on the fourteenth day of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon on July 10, 2022. Photo: Adrian Dennis
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What is the Wimbledon men's trophy called? It is known as the Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Trophy. First given in 1877, it is the second of all championship challenges after the Challenge Trophy. So, why does the Wimbledon men's trophy have a pineapple? Let us find out.

Wimbledon men's trophy background

The first trophy was issued in 1877. The Wimbledon men's trophy name, the Field Cup, was given after the newspaper that donated it. The Challenge Cup replaced it in 1886, and British tennis player William Renshaw won the single titles thrice in a row.

So, do the men keep the Wimbledon trophy? To avoid a repeat of one individual winning multiple times, the All England Lawn Tennis Club members decided that it would no longer be given away annually.

Instead, Wimbledon champions receive a 3/4 replica of the cup, 13.5 inches high, with the names of previous winners engraved. The high value of the trophy could also be a reason the members made this decision.

Who presented the Wimbledon Men's Trophy?

Who presented the Wimbledon men's trophy
The Duchess of Cambridge awards the trophy to Novak Djokovic of Serbia following his win against Australia's Nick Kyrgios during the Championships Wimbledon finals, 2022. Photo: Clive Brunskill
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Since its inception, the president of the All English Lawn Tennis Club trophy, The Duke of Kent, presented the trophy. Previously, he participated in this role alongside his wife, The Duchess of Kent, but she retired in 2001.

The Duke of Kent retired from his role in 2021 after presenting his final trophy. In appreciation of his unique role, Wimbledon gave him a special gift to mark his years of service. The Duchess of Cambridge took over the noble task.

Features of the Wimbledon Men's Trophy

The prestigious and coveted trophy cost the All England Lawn Tennis Club approximately 100 guineas, equivalent to 100 British pounds. Here are the unique characteristics of the award:

  • Made of silver gilt
  • Stands at 18 inches tall/46 centimetres high with a diameter of 7.5 inches
  • Bears the inscription ‘The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World’
Why is there a pineapple on the Wimbledon Men's Trophy
Novak Djokovic of Serbia celebrates with the trophy after victory in the Mens Singles Final at The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship on July 10, 2022, in London, England. Photo: Jed Jacobsohn
Source: Getty Images
  • The names and dates of every champion are engraved around the bowl.
  • By 2009, the bowl had no more space to add more names. Therefore, a black plinth with an ornamented silver band was added beneath the cup. Rafa Nadal is the last Wimbledon's final winner with his name on the trophy.
  • Two base handles with two heads each, a winged helmet and flowers on the edge.
  • The most outstanding feature is the pineapple fruit depicted on the Wimbledon men's trophy.

Why is there a pineapple on the Wimbledon Men's Trophy?

Several reasons have been given to explain the fruit on top of the Wimbledon men's trophy. Historically, British sailors announced their return by decorating their houses with a pineapple. Symbolically, the fruit meant 'Welcome,' hospitality, and recognition.

Additionally, King Charles 11 posed with the pineapple to represent prestige and the privilege of the powerful because it was rare in the 19th Century. When the team started in 1877, the fruit was a rare delicacy, only enjoyed by the high and mighty in society.

Therefore, it is likely that the Wimbledon men's trophy fruit was a status symbol and show of prestige associated with the trophy's winner. The winners were also associated with wealth and success.

What is the Wimbledon men's trophy called
Novak Djokovic celebrates with the Trophy after defeating Nick Kyrgios in The Final of the Gentlemen's Singles at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships. Photo: Adam Davy
Source: Getty Images

The Wimbledon men's trophy has a high value attached and continues to attract several tennis players battling it out to have their names make it to the trophy. The pineapple is no longer rare today, but it still holds significance in Wimbledon, preserving a rich heritage of the cup's history.

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