Max Verstappen Slams Las Vegas Grand Prix Circuit With Hilarious UEFA Champions League Comparison

Max Verstappen Slams Las Vegas Grand Prix Circuit With Hilarious UEFA Champions League Comparison

Ero Samson
November 18, 2023 at 7:39 PM
  • Formula headed to the United States for round 22 of the 2023 season
  • The race at the Las Vegas Strip has been greeted with mixed reactions among drivers
  • Max Verstappen recently made a comparison between the Grand Prix and the UCL

The Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix continues to divide opinions amongst drivers and stakeholders of the motorsport event.

Despite the event's considerable hype, fueled by the presence of A-list artists and showbiz glitz, it appears to have largely fallen short of its primary purpose – actual racing.

The grand opening ceremony, featuring renowned artists like Andra Day and John Legend, set the stage for what was expected to be an exhilarating race.

Formula 1, Las Vegas Grand Prix
The car of Ferrari's Carlos Sainz is removed from the circuit on a truck after stopping on track during practice ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Las Vegas. Image: Chris Graythen.
Source: Getty Images

However, fans were left disappointed with only a scant nine minutes of racing in Free Practice 1, which was as a result of the setback suffered when Ferrari's Carlos Sainz collided with a loose drain cover on the Vegas street circuit, as reported by CBSNews.

Although the race resumed with Free Practice 2 approximately five hours later, this time, it unfolded without the spectators in the Grand Stand.

The decision to proceed with the second session without fans elicited mixed reactions from the audience and even drivers, notably Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, who expressed his dissatisfaction.

Verstappen on the Vegas Grand Prix

Verstappen, who had previously voiced his discontent with the race being held on the Vegas Strip, reiterated his thoughts after the lacklustre events during both free practice sessions—drawing an unlikely comparison to the UEFA Champions League.

Reflecting on the Grand Prix, the three-time world champion addressing the media likened the Vegas Grand Prix to a lower-tier football competition.

Quoted by RBRdaily, when quizzed about the race circuit, Verstappen said:

"Monaco, I think, is Champions League. This is National League."

Quizzed further about what he would like to change about the Grand Prix track, the 26-year-old responded humorously:

"Haha, well, give me an A4 sheet of paper. Let's not even talk about that..."

Verstappen's sentiments echo the widespread disappointment felt by many regarding the Vegas Grand Prix, which, despite significant hype from the sport's governing body, has, to a considerable extent, failed to meet expectations.

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Las Vegas Grand Prix preview

In a previous report, Sports Brief touched on key details and previews ahead of the Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix in the Nevada state, America.

Despite Red Bull and Verstappen having secured a third successive crown this year, much's still at stake for the rest of the field.

Fellow RB driver, Sergio Perez is facing an ultimatum to save his 2024 seat, while Lewis Hamilton will look at his first win since Jeddah 2021.

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