Formula 1: Five Most Dominant Cars As Red Bull Clinches Sixth Constructors’ Championship

Formula 1: Five Most Dominant Cars As Red Bull Clinches Sixth Constructors’ Championship

Ero Samson
September 25, 2023 at 4:47 PM
  • Red Bull Racing clinched the Formula 1 Constructors' Championship over the weekend in Suzuka
  • The Milton Keynes team won the Championship for a sixth time with the dominance of the RB19 car
  • Sports Brief takes a look at five of Formula 1's most dominant cars in recent history

Red Bull Racing's RB19 car has undoubtedly been the most dominant car of not just the 2023 Formula 1 season, but of the last decade.

The Milton Keynes team have seen their rocket ship clinch all race wins, barring the Singapore Grand Prix this season.

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Red Bull Racing clinched its sixth constructors' title at the Japanese Grand Prix. Image: Leo Mason.
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Following the team's recent win of its sixth Constructors' Championship, Sports Brief looks at the five most dominant cars in recent history.

Mercedes W06 - 2015

The Mercedes W06 car, which was driven by both Lewis Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg, saw the Brackley-based side clinch the Constructors' Championship with four races to spare.

According to reports by Formula, Mercedes finished on the standings with 703 ahead of Ferrari's 428 points and third-placed Williams, who scored 257 points. Mercedes won a staggering 16 of the 19 races it entered that year.

Ferrari F2002 - 2002

The Italian racing team entered the 2002 season with an unmatched racing car.

With drivers Michael Schumacher and Ruben Barichello behind the wheel, Ferrari secured victories in 15 of the 17 races it entered.

The Italian team clinched the Constructors' Championship with 603 points ahead of Williams' 332 points and McLaren's 245 points.

Mercedes W07 - 2016

Mercedes AMG again appears on our shortlist with the impeccable W07 car from 2016.

Driven by Rosberg and Hamilton, the German racing team recorded victory in 19 of the 21 races it participated in.

The team clinched the Constructors' Championship with 765 points, ahead of Red Bull's 468 points and Ferrari's 398 points.

McLaren MP4/4 - 1988

The McLaren MP4/4 from 1988 remains one of Formula 1's most dominant cars and truly one of the most iconic cars.

The prestige and grandeur attached to the McLaren rocket ship were further made iconic with the drivers' pairing of Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

Racing into the Championship in the most dominant fashion ever witnessed, winning 15 of the 16 races it entered, it was no surprise the British racing team clinched the Constructors' Championship.

McLaren finished with 576 points ahead of Ferrari's 239 points and Benetton's 193 points.

Red Bull RB19 - 2023

The Red Bull's RB19 car, driven by the pair of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, remains undoubtedly the fastest car to grace an F1 circuit in recent years.

The Milton Keynes team have so far stormed to victory at every race this season, barring the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Austrian team clinched the Constructors' Championship with six races to spare and 323 points ahead of nearest challenger Mercedes, despite the underwhelming performance of Mexico driver Perez, as reported by ESPN.

The Milton Keynes team could set a new record for the most points in an F1 season if it picks up victories in the remaining races and sprints of the 2023 season.

Japanese GP headlined by 'Kiss Me' trophy

Sports Brief stated that the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix was highlighted with cutting-edge innovation from the race title sponsor, Lenovo, following the addition of a distinctively modern trophy referred to as the 'kiss me trophy'.

The trophy is a sleek concept inspired by the design of an F1 car's air intake and the Lenovo logo. What sets it apart is the incorporation of smart technology that comes to life when the driver interacts with it.

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