Brazilian Politicians Decide to Settle Differences in Three-Round MMA battle

Brazilian Politicians Decide to Settle Differences in Three-Round MMA battle

Rene Otinga
  • Two feuding politicians in Brazil decided to settle their scores in the ring in a fight
  • The fight involved Simão Peixoto, the mayor of Borba and a former counsellor called Erineu da Silva.
  • It all started when Silva released a video online criticizing the mayor
  • Peixoto, in a rejoinder, challenged the former counsellor to a fight that went on to take place in the wee hours of Sunday, December 12

Sometimes, the best way to end a bitter feud is to square it up inside the ring, literally.

Simao Peixoto
Peixoto, mayor of Borba in the state of Amazonas in northwest Brazil, stepped into the ring to settle his dispute with former councillor Erineu Alvas Da Silva, also known as Mirico. Photo: Metropoles.
Source: UGC

This was the case with two Amazonian politicians, who decided to settle their scores through an entertaining boxing match.

Simão Peixoto, the mayor of Borba, was publicly challenged to a fistfight back in September by one Erineu da Silva - a former counsellor.

It all sparked off when Silva, popularly known as Mirico, openly criticized the mayor for his alleged failure to conserve a waterpark near the Madeira river.

Silva went on to demand a fistfight with the mayor, whom he termed as a “rotter” and “crook”.

Interestingly enough, Peixoto actually accepted the challenge, releasing a video online confirming that he was ready to take on his antagonist.

In the video, the mayor can be heard yelling, “Show your face!”

The three-round bout was held on Sunday, December 12, in the town’s sports centre, with a crowd of hundreds cheering the two on.

It is kind to note that Peixoto is an ardent MMA fan and is used to appearing on ads wearing gloves.

On the day of the bout, he entered the ring full of confidence, stamping on the mat while making intimidating gestures towards his rival.

Once the bout was underway, the two men wasted no time jumping onto each other, with Silva managing to take down the 39-year old mayor twice.

In a bizarre twist, however, the judges declared Peixoto the winner, and the two seemed to have squashed their beef at the end as they shared an awkward embrace.

Amid some criticism over his conduct, the mayor later said that the bout was meant to promote sports.

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