Tyson's Former Big Opponent Knocks Out Man While Working as Security as Video Emerges

Tyson's Former Big Opponent Knocks Out Man While Working as Security as Video Emerges

  • Former British boxer Julius Francis taught a troublemaker a lesson he will never forget in his life at BOXPARK
  • The troublemaker was spotted harassing people at the BOXPARK Wembley and even tried to attack Francis
  • Julius Francis who fought with Mike Tyson in the year 2000 was smarter and knocked the guy down with one blow

Video has emerged on social media where former British boxing champion Julius Francis knocked down a stubborn man who was seen threatening staff at BOXPARK Wembley.

Julius Francis participated in many noteworthy boxing matches in the mid 90s and 2000s.

In 2007, he also participated in a mixed martial arts bout, having been a former European heavyweight kickboxing champion.

Julius Francis, troublemaker, BOXPARK
Mike Tyson's former big opponent Francis knocks out man while working as security. Photo by Adam Davy
Source: Getty Images

According to the reports on Daily Star and Marca, Julius Francis, 57, now works as security man at BOXPARK Wembley.

In the video posted on Twitter, the troublemaker wearing a blue du-rag was heard shouting at all the staff at BOXPARK and all efforts all calm him down were futile.

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Did he attack Julius Francis?

The troublemaker wanted to attack Julius Francis, but the former boxer was faster as he knocked him down with just one blow.

Watch the video below

The reports also added that police won't take any action against Julius Francis as the troublemaker was later arrested.

At the height of his powers, Francis was good enough to share the ring with boxing legend Mike Tyson in January 2000, but he was stopped by the American in the second rounds.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson reveals toughest opponent he ever faced

Earlier, Sports Brief had reported how Legendary boxer, Mike Tyson spoke about his toughest opponent in Boxing as he recounts his era of dominance.

The 55-year-old, who retired from the sport in 2005, fought several boxers and created some great boxing rivalries.

However, Tyson, who was speaking to Stephen Fulton Jr. on an episode of Hotboxin', picked himself as his greatest opponent.

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Tyson then opened up on one of his easiest fight, stating it did not last as he expected.

Although Tyson dominated during his era, he also admitted that the defeats he suffered proved to be learning curves in his career.

Source: SportsBrief.com