Logan Paul vs Cape Town’s Baboons: Twitter Reacts to Hilarious Video of YouTube Boxer’s Wild Encounter

Logan Paul vs Cape Town’s Baboons: Twitter Reacts to Hilarious Video of YouTube Boxer’s Wild Encounter

Byron Pillay
February 1, 2022 at 2:35 PM
  • A video of Logan Paul getting robbed by Cape Town's baboons has since gone viral on social media
  • Logan Paul met his match when he ran into some baboons who proved to be more than he could handle
  • A hilarious video of Logan Paul's encounter with Cape Town's baboons has fans in stitches on social media

Logan Paul loves a challenge and there’s no questioning his bravery when it comes to stepping into the boxing ring.

The YouTuber boxing star found out though that the baboons in Cape Town are a different match-up altogether.

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Logan Paul took on South Africa's notorious baboons and looked well out of his element against the new foe. Image: Steven Ferdman
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The 26-year-old was shooting content for his YouTube Channel in South Africa when he found himself in a fight that he couldn’t win, The South African reported.

Logan was challenged by the notorious Cape Town baboons to a battle, although it was more two on one. While one of the baboons chased him around the vehicles, the other raided his bag, stealing his energy drink.

In a video shared to his Twitter account which has now gone viral, Logan can be heard shouting ‘What do I do?’ as he watched helplessly on as the baboon made off with his drink.

Twitter reacted to the video wondering if this was a marketing stunt by Logan while others understood that this was typical South African baboon behaviour.


"This is the funniest thing I have EVER SEEN! Welcome to South Africa @LoganPaul. Even the animals here will HAVE you.... Come for a skate sesh if you come to Joburg, it is way safer"


"nah his in cape town , south africa the baboons are notorious for stealing"


"The monkey was a paid actor"

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